Tributosaurus plays the White Album live

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RAWRRRR, it's the White Album This past Friday Tributosaurus did the entire White Album live (well, with one exception, to be explained in a bit) -- and what a show! Say what you will about this being the "tension album," or about editing it down to one disc, a la George Martin's recommendation (and we have on this blog, oh we have), but this is an amazing set of songs. A few observations about the show: As with "Sgt. Pepper's" and "Magical Mystery Tour," it's revelatory to see how many people are required onstage to recreate some of the recordings. [...]

Recording the White Album

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Rejected cover for the White Album. Find out more about it here. Over on another thread, Anonymous posted the following question, which I thought was meaty enough to merit its own post: Hey guys, this is way off topic but if you get to it I'd love to hear your thoughts. The White Album was the first major project to use 8 track recording. I've recently read somewhere that the engineers were confused about the distinctive sound they produced and went so far as to check the machine. They later discovered it was the solid state mixing board that caused [...]

The best cover

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Via original Dulblogger Hua, here's an interview with Rutherford Chang, an artist whose current show/exhibit consists entirely of White Albums (my kind of exhibit!). Q: Are you a vinyl collector? A: Yes, I collect White Albums. Q: Do you collect anything other than that? A: I own some vinyl and occasionally buy other albums, but nothing in multiples like the White Album. Q: Why just White Album? why not Abbey road? or Rubber Soul? A: The White Album has the best cover. I have a few copies of Abbey Road and Rubber Soul, but I keep those in my “junk bin”. Q: Why do you find it so great? [...]

The White Album, reviewed by Starostin

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Black and white from White NANCY CARR • I can't resist highlighting another recent George Starostin review, this one of The Beatles. Every time I read his reviews, especially his reviews of the Beatles' work, I'm floored again by the fact that he's writing and publishing for free writing about music that's better than 90 percent of today's paid music journalism. While apparently working a day job as a linguistics researcher at a university. Call it slacking, call it idling, call it a hobby, call it anything you like—it's great. You can read his whole review here: Perhaps the best review [...]

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Prudence and the Penis: A Mystery

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We know who wrote it. But who is on the Dear Prudence drum track? DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Mike's Facebook posting of isolated tracks from "Hey Bulldog" led me to seek out other examples of stripped-down Beatlesongs. This is among the more interesting, for both the music and the controversy. The mystery of the Dear Prudence drum track Did Ringo play the outro drums on "Dear Prudence"? One tends to forget that Paul is credited with drumming this track (recorded during Ringo's brief angry White Album hiatus), because its climactic passage is so utterly Ringoesque. (Plus, recordings like "The Ballad of [...]

Double coverage

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ED PARK • Via Douglas Wolk on Twitter: "Alvarius B. covers You Only Live Twice, arranged/recorded to sound EXACTLY like John Lennon's White Album demos." [MG update July 2014--The produced track has been taken down, but I've pasted a live version below. You'll get what Ed was talking about.]

No jacket required

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During this period he met Paul McCartney, who hired him to design the cover for the Beatles’ next album. Surprisingly, Mr. Hamilton proposed an all-white jacket. “To avoid the issue of competing with the lavish design treatments of most jackets, I suggested a plain white cover so pure and reticent that it would seem to place it in the context of the most esoteric art publications,” Mr. Hamilton told Rolling Stone in 1991. —NYT obit for Richard Hamilton

Favorite unreleased Beatles track?

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I'm spending incredible amounts of time on another web project, but in the moments before collapsing into bed this evening, I realized how much I like this song: Which unreleased Beatles track do you like best? "Leave My Kitten Alone" is equally great, a worthy addition to Lennon's "I am destroying my throat" catalog. And then there's McCartney's demo for "Come And Get It"—a Number One, sure, but not meaningful enough. Am I off my nut? Could it be that these were the songs that my generation discovered, the ones that were new in the 80s when I was a [...]

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