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ED PARK • Via Douglas Wolk on Twitter: “Alvarius B. covers You Only Live Twice, arranged/recorded to sound EXACTLY like John Lennon’s White Album demos.”

[MG update July 2014–The produced track has been taken down, but I’ve pasted a live version below. You’ll get what Ed was talking about.]

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  1. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Take John Lennon’s “Imagine” instrumental, and speed it up a whole load, then take Pauls “Band On The Run” acapella and slow it down a wee bit, throw one over the other and listen for a couple of minutes:

  2. This “You Only Live Twice” sounds great to me. Just like Esher demos. But it has more than a pinch of “Candle Burns” to it as well.

  3. Avatar Michael wrote:

    Anon, I listened to that the day we put our cat to sleep, and as it was playing, my wife said, “No fair playing John Lennon songs today!” 🙂 But cool indeed.

    And also: I love that demo!

  4. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Here is the REAL John Lennon singing You Only Live Tomorrow, one of my favorites:

    I love hearing Lennon in this new way.

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