Dear Prudence drum track isolated

We know who wrote it. But who is on the Dear Prudence drum track?

DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Mike’s Facebook posting of isolated tracks from “Hey Bulldog” led me to seek out other examples of stripped-down Beatlesongs. This is among the more interesting, for both the music and the controversy.

The mystery of the Dear Prudence drum track

Did Ringo play the outro drums on “Dear Prudence”? One tends to forget that Paul is credited with drumming this track (recorded during Ringo’s brief angry White Album hiatus), because its climactic passage is so utterly Ringoesque. (Plus, recordings like “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” “Come and Get It,” and the McCartney album, recorded a year or two later, suggest Paul was not yet near this level of mastery.)

Listen to the excerpt and read the comments. The pro-Paul faction quotes received knowledge as if it could never be in error, while the Ringo contingent makes a convincing argument that this is an overdub, and an example of Ringo’s invisible brilliance: Not only did he play these drums, he realized the song needed such a wallop to push it home.

P.S. The post title is a twist on Prudence and the Pill, a trendy 1968 British comedy, with “penis” inspired by a funny albeit unfair dig at Paul in the comments.