Is internet Beatle culture toxic?

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Wake up, Sheeple. When approving the last ever comments on the gargantuan "Were John and Paul Lovers?" thread, I found myself asking a simple question, which some of you might have an interest in as well. There are certain niche interests where, if not for fan-generated content, there wouldn't be anything new to talk about. I suspect that if you're interested in the Titanic, for example, or Jack the Ripper, or Sherlock Holmes, fan-generated content is necessary to sustain your passion. But the Beatles is different; it's bigger even than the Marvel Comics Universe. Beatle fans don't need fanfic. We don't need [...]

Shenk’s “Powers Of Two”: 3 Takes

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When Joshua Wolf Shenk's book Powers Of Two: Finding The Essence Of Innovation In Creative Pairs was published in 2014, Michael Gerber, Devin McKinney and I each wrote a post about it. Since Shenk's book has come up in recent comments, I thought I'd bring those posts back to the forefront. You can read take 1 here, take 2 here, and take 3 here. Add your own take in the comments!

Help Dullblog out: Try the Brave Browser

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"You're right, she DOES look like Alma Cogan…" A lot of people have asked how you might help the blog, so I'm always looking for painless (read: free) ways you can show your HD-love. I just found one. The Brave browser works just like Chrome, but is faster, more private, and more secure. I've been using it for three weeks now and really like it. Give it a spin. If you use this link, we'll get a small kickback. There's another neat aspect to Brave, in that you can earn money by opting in to ads. They block the crappy ads you [...]

Get Back Release Date: September 4, 2020

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Thanks to our ever-vigilant @Hologram Sam, we now know that Peter Jackson's frenzied attempt at making the 1969 Get Back sessions less of an unholy drag will premiere on September 4, 2020. Mike will not be there. Mike may never be there, unless all of you say it's wonderful. Mike's teenaged years were scarred by many, many Twickenham bootlegs, and Mike DOES NOT FORGET. "State-of-the-art image-correction technology will be used to make Paul less pushy, George less sullen, and Ringo less cold," said a Disney spokesman. "It will also sweep the opiates from John and Yoko's bloodstream." The film will be sponsored [...]

Should I do t-shirts?

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Hey you guys, should I make some Hey Dullblog t-shirts? They'd be about $25 each (shipping included), cheaper if we got a bunch, you just have to order it on I did it on black because my wife said people like black t-shirts better, but I can do white instead if everybody squawks. Hairy arms optional Work it, sister

“Broke” John Lennon

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File under "M" for money In the midst of commenting on Michael B.'s excellent post, I was reminded of something that I've said to friends innumerable times but might never have ever written here for you all. I have a lot of Beatle Thoughts like that, sorry. The only solution is for everyone to live with me, and that won't work because my cat Max gets hemorrhoids around new people. All John Lennon needed to be happy was to give it all away. This isn't the hippie pipe-dream it might seem. Let me explain: At his death, the Chief Beatle was estimated [...]

The Artist as a Dissipated Man: Fred Seaman’s “The Last Days of John Lennon”

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John at Thanksgiving, 1979 Belatedly for someone as into the Beatles as I, I’ve been reading Fred Seaman’s The Last Days of John Lennon. It’s a very quick read, but not a particularly pleasant one. Seaman, John's personal assistant for the last two or so years, depicts a rock star in his late thirties who may as well be in his late eighties for the way in which his happiness seems to be confined to rare moments when he reminisces about something he did in his early twenties. If there’s a spectrum of Dakota-era John Lennons stretching from Goldman’s smack-addled burnout on [...]

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