All You Need Is Love–And To VOTE!

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Please, if you're legally able to do so in the United States, get out and vote today. If you have an absentee or mail ballot, drop it off at an authorized collection place (preferably one that is attended by an actual person), and track the status of your ballot online. I believe that most of us who contribute to or read this blog are drawn to the Beatles at least in part because their music offers us a measure of hope and encouragement. They wrote plenty of songs about sadness, and even despair. They  didn't shy away from the complexity of reality, [...]

Why The Beatles Never Had a Mudshark Story

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Four years later, Led Zeppelin would make this hotel famous. The title is referring to a notorious groupie-related event in Led Zeppelin history, detailed here. Long dismissed as legend, it seems to have really happened in July 1969, and (could this possibly be?) everybody left the hotel room happy. Except, of course, for the poor shark. My last few posts have discussed the relationship of the Beatles' (and Lennon's) image versus the likely reality, and my desire for Beatle fandom to become more nuanced, sophisticated and—forgive the loaded word—adult in its relationship with these things. For us to stop giving [...]

Why Your Favorite Celebrity Isn’t Who You Think They Are

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"This Halloween, go as one of the biggest bastards on Earth!" Folks, just a quick post here but one I think is worth making. In the comments to my 80th birthday post for John Lennon, we're talking about John's bad behavior (specifically his abuse of women--and men, too, though that is mentioned less). It's come up several times, and indeed the original post mentions that younger fans don't connect with John because they think he was a hypocritical asshole. Can't argue with that; "All You Need Is Love" does sound different coming out of the mouth of a "hitter." But [...]

Happy Birthday John Lennon, Whoever You Are

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Lennon, no saint, mid-miracle. I haven't been thinking a lot about The Beatles or John Lennon lately, which is why you haven't seen me around here. But today being John Lennon's 80th birthday, I was awakened with this article from in my Twitter feed: "The Difficulty of Remembering John Lennon Today," by Alan Light. "Why does John Lennon, for decades one of the world’s most beloved figures," Light writes, "seem to be coming under increased scrutiny, and getting a more critical look, from younger generations?" The article makes some interesting observations and you'll enjoy it, but the answer is [...]

The Worst Beatle Waxworks Ever

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Being immortalized in wax is a particularly harsh price of fame, don't you think? Even the dummies reproduced on the cover of Sgt. Pepper (surely the best of a bad lot) seem to have at best a distant relationship to their human counterparts. But this one, provided by friend and fellow Beatlefan Stephen Kroninger, takes the cake. If you have better (or worse), put 'em in the comments. This dubious quartet resided in Louis Tussaud's House of Wax in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, famed throughout Britain as the world's worst wax museum. It was closed in 2013; Jean, Paol, Jorge, and Ringoo—along with [...]

Johnandyoko Open Thread

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My Dear Dullblogisti, Yesterday I wrote a post about Yoko Ono's relationship to The Beatles, and how strange it seems to me—not only her needless antipathy, but also John Lennon's—and how their marriage seemed to be founded on a mutual dismissal of/antagonism towards the idea of The Beatles. I mentioned how this puts any Beatles fan in a weird, yet seldom examined position of mentally defending the group against its founder and arguable leader. And because that's the way it happened, no one comments on how bizarre it is. I pulled the post down for two reasons—first, it felt like something I'd [...]

Mob Psycho 100 and the Beatles’ Mop Tops

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A few days ago Eric Trump inadvertently sent the anime series Mob Psycho 100 to the toppermost of the Twitterverse when he Googled "mob." He signally failed to grasp why the popularity/relevance algorithm Google uses put images of the show early in the search results. Fans of the show reacted with predictable glee, and the Mob Psycho 100 Twitter account posted this, featuring an image of Shigeo Kageyama, the character familiarly known as "Mob": Doesn't that image remind you of someone? Or four someones? Doesn't it seem as though that look might be a merchandising opportunity for, I don't know, maybe a [...]

Craig Brown’s “One Two Three Four”

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Is it possible to write anything fresh and interesting about the Beatles in 2020? Improbably, Craig Brown has managed to pull off this feat in One Two Three Four: The Beatles In Time. It helps enormously that Brown departs from the marching-in-strict-chronological order structure used, understandably enough, in many accounts of the band. Brown is the author of 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, as well as multiple parodies, and he brings a light (but not lightweight) touch to the proceedings. He's willing to go down rabbit holes after interesting tidbits, to summarize long-drawn-out situations simply, and to share his own investment in [...]

The Beatles and Jeffrey Epstein

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Knowing the internet, SEO alone will probably make this the most popular post in the history of Dullblog (hello Were John and Paul Lovers). But my thoughts are philosophical, not evidentiary. Spare your revulsion for a moment while I share some thoughts which may explain a lot of what I've written on this blog since 2010. Fact: there is a level of fame, wealth, and power that dehumanizes you, and makes you dehumanize others. This, in our current cultural moment, is epitomized by Jeffrey Epstein and his little black book. I think the Beatles experienced this level of fame/wealth/power, as did the [...]

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