Living In The Material World: review roundup

Michael Gerber
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Living in the Material World

George with his other supergroup

Just finished watching it myself. While I’m collecting my thoughts, I thought it might be helpful/fun to provide a list of some notable/thoughtful reviews. Enjoy, and suggest others.

Salon—Matt Zoller Seitz
Uncut Magazine
Roger Ebert
Richard Corliss
Matt Blick (Beatles Songwriting Academy)

…and since the editing of the film seems to be one of the few areas of contention about it, here’s an interview with the editor himself, David Tedeschi.

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  1. Avatar Matt Blick wrote:

    Great blog guys!
    considered yourself followed!

    And here’s my review of Living in the…

    was lucky enough to catch it at a preview screening in Nottingham

  2. Avatar Michael wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Avatar Michael wrote:

    Nice review, Matt! I’ve added it to the body of the post.

  4. Avatar Suporna Roy wrote:

    Ami kisui bujlam na.
    Nice Blog
    I like it

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