Tony Sheridan, 1940-2013

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Ya Ya Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers

Tony Sheridan, an essential part of The Beatles’ early story, has died. To quote Chris Carter from KLOS’ “Breakfast With the Beatles,” without Tony Sheridan, “we wouldn’t have had The Beatles in the way we did.” Allan Kozinn agrees: “Though Mr. Sheridan’s involvement with the Beatles was brief, it proved crucial to their career.”

Apparently he settled down in northern Germany. Here’s the guys with Tony S., doing a song I’d never heard. Mach shau, fellas.

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One Comment

  1. Avatar girl wrote:

    Strange coincidence. I was just listening to this song ‘Why’, on my ipod last night. I hardly ever listen to it as I only downloaded it to hear what Walter Everett was referring to when he reviewed it in his book. But for some reason I was in the mood to hear it last night.

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