Hey Jude Times Square

Michael Gerber
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Spontaneous “Hey Jude” in Times Square subway station, 3/6/10

Hey Jude Times Square Subway Station from 39forks on Vimeo.

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  1. Absolutely awesome! Get enough people together to sing and the coda to this song can’t help but sound goose pimple-inspiringly awesome.

    Especially when you add a little “reverp”, which is what my word verification word is.

  2. Avatar Alexander wrote:

    Nice video! What I’ve noticed about New York City crowds is that they like to stop and look, but they seem to stand as far away from the performers as possible. Perhaps it’s because it makes it easier to walk away if they get bored. What I’ve noticed about spontaneous sing-alongs of “Hey Jude” is that the crowd always seems to want to start the coda early, as early as after the second stanza. Whether it’s at a party, a campfire, or anywhere else, they just really chomp at the bit, and they’re willing to skip the choruses entirely. (Did that happen with this version?)

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