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What’s with the weird autotuning/dubbing? It makes him sound like that guy from The Beatles cartoon.

I’ve written some thoughts on this at my blog, mikegerber.com. (Someday, I’ll investigate cross-posting.)

[Sorry, folks: in 2012, mikegerber.com was hacked by Azerbaijanis, if you can believe it. I couldn’t fix it, so I put up a generic landing page. Unfortunately at present I can’t link to the old posts. Revisiting this John Lennon Citroen commercial five years later, I think we can assume the mikegerber.com post was probably some typical MG whinging about not selling John Lennon to the highest bidder. And frankly? With John Lennon’s driving record, the last thing I’d take his word on would be cars. Guitars, Thai stick, deportation cases, these are things he had some competency in. High performance hatchbacks? Not so much.]