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If I could give Sean Lennon one single gift in his life, it would probably be to never appear in a gossip column. The hand he’s been dealt has got to be so surpassingly alienating and weird, that seeing himself reflected in the media’s funhouse mirror must make it even more difficult.

What did George once say? “The nicest thing is to open the newspapers and not to find yourself in them.”

So why am I posting this photo from gossip central Page Six, which recently touted Sean and model Charlotte Kemp as “the new John and Yoko”? Mostly because I like Sean’s prepster shirt and knit tie. If I ever make real money, I’m going to ask the dude where he shops. Lennon pere had an eye for threads, too.

The thing about John and Yoko–the reason we’re still talking about them–is that they were so incredibly unexpected…especially in the fairly narrow, showbiz-bounded world of gossip columns. To steal a phrase from McCartney, if Sean and Charlotte are lucky, they won’t become “a John and Yoko,” but “a Sean and Charlotte,” whatever that might be. And happy couples are by definition beyond the ken of gossip columns.

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  1. Avatar Cara wrote:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it a bit eerie that Sean is now the age that his father was when he was born?

    I have to agree with you that poor Sean really has been dealt an almost unplayable hand, but he seems to be finding his own lately, and it’s not at all tinged with the tragic. Who knows how he’s come to terms– or even IF he’s come to terms– with the unknowable burden of the Lennono Legend, but it’s nice to see that his little green apple didn’t fall at that far from the tree. Although the provocativeness may be restrained, the weirdness is still there. If he lacks the seriocomic ability that his father had to shock people, at least there’s an appreciation of that aesthetic.

    In a post-modern cyber-world, I think it may be too much to ask to spare Sean Lennon from the inevitable lifetime of comparison and disappointment, but we can hope for a soft landing.

    Happy birthday, John and Sean.

  2. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I find it hard to feel too sorry for someone who owns a multimillion-dollar apartment in NYC and never had to work a day in his life. Lots of people have experienced tragic losses without a tenth of the opportunities this kid has had. … And frankly, he seems hugely full of himself without having done anything to earn it.

    Save your pity for someone who deserves it.

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