Nutopia: Threat or Menace?

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Michael Gerber

Publisher at The American Bystander
is Blogmom of Hey Dullblog. His novels and parodies have sold 1.25 million copies in 25 languages. He lives in Santa Monica, CA, and runs The American Bystander all-star print humor magazine.
Michael Gerber
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The Great Seal of Nutopia

Now that’s a Great Seal!

MIKE GERBER • Hello folks–Dullblogger Mike here. Sorry I’ve been silent, but it’s for the best of reasons: I’ve just finished a comic mystery about a rock star who survives an assassination attempt, and has to go incognito to find out who did it and why. I’ll let everybody know when it comes out; I trust it will meet with your Beatle-bonkers approval.

As part of my coming-back-to-life I forward the following from my boon companion Jon Schwarz, proprietor of the very fine progressive blog A Tiny Revolution. It’s a good reminder about just how crazy the authorities were when it came to John Lennon. (Which ties into my bookie-wook quite neatly–not to give anything away…)

Enjoy this Great Seal of Nutopia!

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