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The Great Seal of Nutopia

Now that’s a Great Seal!

MIKE GERBER • Hello folks–Dullblogger Mike here. Sorry I’ve been silent, but it’s for the best of reasons: I’ve just finished a comic mystery about a rock star who survives an assassination attempt, and has to go incognito to find out who did it and why. I’ll let everybody know when it comes out; I trust it will meet with your Beatle-bonkers approval.

As part of my coming-back-to-life I forward the following from my boon companion Jon Schwarz, proprietor of the very fine progressive blog A Tiny Revolution. It’s a good reminder about just how crazy the authorities were when it came to John Lennon. (Which ties into my bookie-wook quite neatly–not to give anything away…)

Enjoy this Great Seal of Nutopia!