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Michael Gerber

Publisher at The American Bystander
is Blogmom of Hey Dullblog. His novels and parodies have sold 1.25 million copies in 25 languages. He lives in Santa Monica, CA, and runs The American Bystander all-star print humor magazine.
Michael Gerber
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I‘m listening to my iTunes’s “party shuffle” function. Just now it played “My Love,” followed by (as a palate cleanser?) “Helter Skelter.” I submit that “My Love” is the anti-“Helter Skelter.” Can anyone think of a better pair?

Try ’em for yourself:

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  1. Avatar ian wrote:

    ‘Yer Blues’ and ‘Good Day, Sunshine’?

  2. Opposite sounds:
    “Revolution 9” – “Honey Pie”
    (the W.A. in general is all opposites)

    Opposite sentiments:
    “I Need You” – “Don’t Bother Me”

    Opposite titles:
    “Good Morning, Good Morning” – “Good Night”
    “Here Comes the Sun” – “Here Comes the Moon”
    “Hello Goodbye” (!)

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