Beatles analogy by judge in NSA spying case

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Justice Ringo, appointed for life NANCY CARR • You know you're the biggest band in history when a federal judge ruling about the NSA's surveillance program uses an analogy to your members to explain his judgment. The whole article is here, but I've excerpted the Beatles-related part below: “Appeals Court Judge Richard Leon invoked Founding Father James Madison and the Beatles in a frequently scathing ruling. Leon, appointed by then-President George W. Bush, ordered the government to halt bulk collection of so-called telephony metadata and destroy information already collected through that program. But he suspended his order as the case [...]

When I’m Seventy-Three: What John Lennon would look like today

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    DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Huffington Post today features John Lennon headlining a festival of dead pop stars as they might look today, in computer-aided speculations created by the Sachs Media Group in partnership with “photo restoration and manipulation company” Phoejoe.   I study John’s digitally aged image, looking for the flaw in the algorithm, the misjudgment of hairline or jowel nomenclature, and can’t find it. The others are pretty interesting as well.       And here’s the classic analog representation of all four Beatles “when I’m sixty-four,” commissioned for the multi-artist anthology The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics (1969), often used for [...]

Literary approaches to the Beatles; or, the difference between a book and a record

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Once, a long time ago, I tried to maintain, just for the record, a running tab of Beatles references or mentions that cropped up in the course of my day.  During that period (the latter half of the 1980s), the daily references were not many; the group’s public profile was in a relative slough of despond, and looking back, we can pinpoint those years  as equidistant between the first Great Beatles Revival (1976-78) and the second (1994-95).  Though I lost the tabulation long ago (so much for “the record”), I can bet it would, if compared to similar checklists [...]

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger…

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"Is it me, or does the guy on the target look like Allen Klein?" MIKE GERBER • Devin has called Tom Sutpen's blog "If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There's Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats" the best blog ever, and you can add my voice to the chorus of praise. I've been browsing it for years, and find it all the stuff that dreams are made of. Sutpen's beat is the same 20s to 70s culture I love myself, and while I haven't listened to the podcast (opinions?) his eye for the odd or arresting or simply beautiful [...]

Great Beatles Tumblr: Amoralto

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"Look John! Nuns!" MIKE GERBER • Commenter Annie McNeil just turned me on to a great Beatles Tumblr: Amoralto. It's quite Dullblog-like, and I am very grateful to Annie (and the anonymous, dare I say mysterious proprietor of Amoralto) for the good word on this treasure trove. A small aside: Are there any other types of troves? If so, you never hear about them. A subject in need of a Tumblr! Anyway, thanks Annie—my career may never recover, but Dullblog will be so much the better for what Amoralto saves from the Beatle memory hole. Though Annie brought it up in [...]

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