The Beatles on Spotify

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"We make it up in volume." Finally! A band that can live on 0.006 per song! As you might have heard, the Beatles' catalog became available for streaming on December 24th, and users took to it with a will, streaming 70 million Beatles songs in the first three days. Commenter @Hologram Sam posted the following lists of the ten most -- and least -- popular Beatles tracks on Spotify. They puzzled and enchanted me, and so I decided to write the single most internetty piece in the history of Hey Dullblog. And in the spirit of the internet, my goal [...]


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DEVIN McKINNEY  ·  Few things have been more spew-worthy on TV this last couple of weeks than the ads for Ricki and the Flash, with Meryl Streep as—ehh, who gives a shit. Read the Internet for the plot blurb. But the spectacle of this preeningest, phoniest of actors trying to look rocky and raunchy, let alone trying to sing that way, so offends my primordial brain that I’m driven against my higher controls to cringe, wince, twitch, and spit every time it comes on. I don’t want Meryl Streep herself to die, understand; but I would kill her fame in an instant, had [...]

John Lennon, “Hollywood Scumbag”?

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  This turns up on one's Facebook feed today: "It's Not Just Cosby: Hollywood's Long List of Male Scumbags," a Daily Beast mow-down, inspired by the Bill Cosby revelations (or confirmations, more accurately) of several beloved or at least well-compensated male stars whose prevailing public profiles belie repellent acts committed out of the spotlight. Among the scumbags rounded up by poster Asawin Suebsaeng is one John Ono (ne Winston) Lennon. If you think it's wrong to link to this story here at a Beatle-celebration site, to feed its clicks and so forth, you might be right. But it's a Beatle-related [...]

Fab Foto Fakes: Photoshopping Beatles History

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  There used to be a fun little shadow business going in fake Beatles records—songs with a Beatlesque sound, or just a Beatle-sounding name on the label, that got taken, however briefly and inexplicably, for the real thing. The Knickerbockers’ highly convincing knockoff “Lies” lay at one end of the scale, with something like “The Girl I Love” by “the Beatles”—in reality, a New Jersey doo wop group known elsewise as The Five Shits—at the other. (Castleman and Podrazik’s All Together Now [1975] gave the first comprehensive listing of these purposeful or inadvertent fakeries, under the succinct and irrefutable chapter [...]

The Beatles as rock gods…literally

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NANCY CARR • Sarah Yakawonis, who runs the Etsy shop Yakawonis Quilling, has created images of each of the Beatles as a literal rock god, with intriguing results. Looking perfectly contented, George. George, perfectly at home With George's affinity for Indian spiritual traditions, it's appropriate that he comes off particularly well (his portrait incorporates aspects of Krishna). With his beads and meditative posture, George looks like he'd be right at home in Rishikesh, and as if he could hold his serene pose indefinitely. Watch out for that fire, John. John, creating and destroying If John were a Hindu deity, [...]

Putting HuffPo’s Beatles Test to the Test

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#12. This is not a sandwich. DEVIN McKINNEY  •  I’m the first Beatle Superfan to admit there’s a world of things I yet have to learn about them. That’s one reason Mark Lewisohn (look just to your right) is worth reading. So it’s with an ‘umble spirit that I report being both slightly let down and vaguely comforted, in a smug Superfannish way, by an annotated listing that appeared today at The Huffington Post, bearing the challenging though just slightly qualified head, “11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Beatles, Even if You’re a Superfan.” I won’t, of course, [...]

Those McCartney e-tickets may be stolen

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NANCY CARR * Paul McCartney's "Farewell to Candlestick Park" show, on August 14, is generating some crazy reselling action—tickets for the sold-out show are being hawked  for up to 20 times face value. If you're looking for tickets, take a tip from my recent experience and do everything possible to ensure you're not buying stolen tickets that have been cancelled and will be worthless at the gate, as happened to U2 fans some years ago. After I bought tickets from Ticketmaster through the American Express presale last Thursday, my email was hacked: and so soon after I bought them, it looks like someone [...]

Liv Warfield got “Blackbird” wrong: Ten covers that get it right

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Liv Warfield NANCY CARR * Last Friday Liv Warfield, best known for her stint in Prince's New Power Generation, performed her new song "Blackbird" on The Late Show With David Letterman, declaring "Paul McCartney got it wrong / I ain't never want no song / I ain't special, I ain't strong / Black . . . bird." It's not clear to me why Warfield, who was born in 1979, is so angry about a pro- Civil Rights song released in 1968 -- especially when the song is pitched in such a universal key that it can apply to any person or [...]

The Beatles and History

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MIKE GERBER • Devin's excellent post on James Marcus' graceful, slightly Slate-only-smarter Letting Go of The Beatles spurred some thoughts, which were too long to put in a comment. I wrote this in haste and I can feel the dullness of my tools (doing a lot more business-stuff than writing-stuff these days), but I paste them below. It was fifty years ago today… Beginning in May 1964 and ending that November, the BBC broadcast a 26-part documentary called The Great War. Produced with the cooperation of the Imperial War Museum and its analogues around the world, it is a fascinating examination of that [...]

I’m So Tired: Responsive Notes on the Phenomenon of Beatle Fatigue

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There's no fatigue like Beatle fatigue. DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Beatle Ed points me to this most interesting, warmhearted, clear-eyed essay by James Marcus, “Letting Go of the Beatles,” posted yesterday at the Harper’s site. Even we, the besotted, must accept the validity, as we cough the exhaust fumes of the recent 50th-anniversary ballyhoo (which Hey Dullblog did its share to amplify or perpetuate), of a certain feeling of fed-upness with all things Fab. So Marcus’s piece gets me, and probably a lot of other Beatleheads of considerable duration, thinking. To delve into all the points where he and I are [...]

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