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Folks, I’m trying to assemble a list of the best Beatles blogs out there, so we can link to them. What are your regular stops? Put your faves in the comments.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    “Women of the Beatles”
    “Watching Rainbows”
    “Meet the Beatles”
    “McCartney Photoblog”
    “Jane Asher Photoblog”
    “In the Life of…The Beatles”
    “Beatles News”
    “Beatle Photoblog”

    and, of course, Hey Dullblog

    !Saludos! from Madrid, Spain.

  2. Two other Beatles sites: The Beatles Complete On Ukulele, which is a project to play every Beatles song on ukulele (a couple of weeks ago, Victor Spinetti played Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da). And then because the two guys running the project had a falling out, I also read the other Beatles Complete On Ukulele blog …

    A new recording and a long essay every Tuesday.

  3. Avatar Alex wrote:

    Mythical Monkey,

    I don’t know why, but the fact that there are TWO Complete Beatles on Uke blogs who are engaged in a feud amuses me almost as much as knowing that there are two midget Kiss cover bands who are feuding). 🙂

  4. Avatar Elise wrote:

    All those plus beatlesbible.com and
    I like to keep an eye on thebeatlesin3d.blogspot.com.

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  6. I love the Beatles.
    Great replica ticket site with over 100 unused Beatles tickets:

  7. Avatar John O'Leary wrote:

    I like a lot of these, including Beatles News, In the Life of the Beatles, Hey Dullblog. But I also kinda like my own, BusinessLessonsFromRock.com in which I often — but not exclusively — write about the Beatles. Oops, am I cheating? 🙂
    Hey, it’s 50 years ago TODAY that the Beatles 2.0 was launched when Pete was replaced by Ringo. Haven’t seen much mention of that in the Beatles blogosphere.

  8. Avatar Anonymous wrote:


    I came across this great article on the Beatles performance on top of their old recording studio ‘Apple Studio’. Thought you might be interested. Here’s the link:



  9. Avatar Linda S. wrote:

    I’ve been scouring the offerings, and found these interesting:

    BeatlesBeatlesBeatles (a Tripod site)



    (Always enjoy WogBlog too)

  10. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    WogBlog?? That must be a favorite of Eric Clapton’s…

  11. Avatar Linda S. wrote:

    Michael (not to post): A few minutes ago, I left a reply to Hologram Sam’s Jan. 6 at2:24 pm. I don’t see it anywhere, though, and thought I’d better re-send (I’m about to in a new window). If it turns out to be redundant, well, now you know why. Linda

  12. Avatar Linda S. wrote:

    Hmmm…. Second time for my latest submission not to materialize. Wonder if it’s to do with the URL I included(?) Anyway, Beatles fans can go to WogBlog and scroll down until you come to a pictorial article about the Fabs’ photo-shoot to advertise Lybro jeans. Surreal.

  13. Avatar Linda S. wrote:

    Taking a page out of Karen’s book, I’m “replying” to myself, to add this info to the above from 11:13 am: The Lybro Jeans posting you’d be looking for dates from December 9, 2015. (Easier to find, knowing this.)

    • Avatar Linda S. wrote:

      Do you know how easy it is, to overlook the obvious?? The following are really (facebook) excellent sites to visit:

      The Beatles Appreciation Society of Scotland
      York Beatles Appreciation Society (Beatles Art) fabulous!
      The George Harrison Appreciation Society
      The John Lennon Appreciation Society
      The Paul McCartney Appreciation Society

      While there is also a Ringo Starr Appreciation Society– but it seems not to have been updated for years. What a shame.

      • Avatar Linda S. wrote:

        (sigh) As for the 11:52 am post: “(facebook)” was to have come after “excellent”. And, after the “Ringo Starr Appreciation Society” delete the “but”. I’m signing off for a while. I’m a bit manic today.

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