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MIKE GERBER • I just found this randomly on YouTube and fell in love with it. All due respect to J and P, George Harrison is the one Beatle whose work continues to open and open to me. Gotta dig out 12 Arnold Grove.

Living In The Material World: review roundup

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George with his other supergroup Just finished watching it myself. While I'm collecting my thoughts, I thought it might be helpful/fun to provide a list of some notable/thoughtful reviews. Enjoy, and suggest others.Salon—Matt Zoller SeitzUncut MagazineRoger EbertRichard CorlissMatt Blick (Beatles Songwriting Academy)...and since the editing of the film seems to be one of the few areas of contention about it, here's an interview with the editor himself, David Tedeschi.

Review of "Living In The Material World"

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We're all water Pal o' Dullblog Shirley Wicevich was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of Martin Scorsese's new George Harrison documentary, "Living In The Material World." Here are her thoughts. HD: Where'd you see the movie, Shirley? SW: At the Telluride Film Festival over Labor Day Weekend; I've volunteered there for 6 years. First Ken Burns came out, and gave the prelude to what the audience was about to experience. Then he introduced the film's co-producers, George's widow Olivia and David Tedeschi. That night was the first time that Olivia watched the documentary at a public viewing. HD: [...]

Favorite unreleased Beatles track?

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I'm spending incredible amounts of time on another web project, but in the moments before collapsing into bed this evening, I realized how much I like this song: Which unreleased Beatles track do you like best? "Leave My Kitten Alone" is equally great, a worthy addition to Lennon's "I am destroying my throat" catalog. And then there's McCartney's demo for "Come And Get It"—a Number One, sure, but not meaningful enough. Am I off my nut? Could it be that these were the songs that my generation discovered, the ones that were new in the 80s when I was a [...]

Ringo singing at a party?

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"All right, I'll sing it for you...just this once." Help me, Dullbloggers, you're my only hope...I was speaking to someone last week who was at a party in the Seventies with Ringo Starr which devolved into a singalong. I seem to recall there being a Beatleg out there with Ringo, George, and a bunch of partygoers warbling "Yellow Submarine." Does anybody else remember that as well? I thought the track was on Artifacts III, but I looked on Bootlegzone and didn't see it. Did I dream it? Ringo singing Yellow Submarine…given Ringo's rowdy Seventies, how rare could that be? At [...]

Four-string serenade

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The most moving part of Concert for George was when Paul came out to sing "Something," accompanying himself on ukulele. (George loved the uke, and was a member of a George Formby society.) It was so moving that, a year or so later, I misremembered the scene, and thought Paul had performed "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," fitting in a sly joke on his choice of instrumentation. Maybe my misremembering was a wish. Not long thereafter I saw uke maestro Jake Shimabukuro play an astonishing version of "WMGGW," on this widely circulated video. Postscript: Uke-Beatles fans, make sure you learn all [...]

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