Run it up your mast

George Harrison on Eric Idle’s Rutland Weekend Television playing his Pirate Song.

(Via VSL)


  1. Avatar Ingrid wrote:

    I love it. Are there more?
    (Also, I had the same hairdo, unfortunately, as George in 8th grade.)

  2. Avatar Michael wrote:

    Oh that’s great; I have that on a boot, but I’ve never seen it. Thanks for posting it!

    I think Eric Idle’s relationship with the other Pythons was a lot like Harrison’s with the other Beatles. This and fewer mysteries will be expounded upon whenever I get around to putting up this “Beatles and Comedy” thing I’m working on.

    Oh, and I liked the little modified Beatle-kick George does at the end. Out of all of ’em, I think he’s the one I would’ve most liked to have met.

  3. Avatar Ingrid wrote:

    Michael, George’s humor is so deliciously subtle. One of my favorite interviews in Anthology is when he’s talking about how difficult it was to sing the Rubber Soul- era songs live, and so to cover up the rough bits they’d “wave, or give them a little Elvis leg” — and then there’s a clip of the Beatles playing Paperback Writer, and sure enough, George gives a tiny little wave during the harmony, and the crowd goes nuts.

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