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Which New York Observer film critic had the more interesting Beatles mention last week?
Andrew Sarris, on the Scorsese Stones doc Shine a Light:

When I was teaching at the School of Visual Arts in 1965, all the students seemed to be fanatical Stones fans, listening to their songs incessantly on the cafeteria jukebox. They seemed determined to make me see how wrong I was to prefer the Beatles, as I had implied in 1964 in The Village Voice (I had raved about A Hard Day’s Night, which I designated as “the Citizen Kane of juke-box musicals”). I still like the Beatles, but to put it as brutally as possible, where are they now?

Rex Reed, on Mark David Chapman biopic Chapter 27:

What I saw was the bloody body of not just a revered and peace-loving Beatle, but a shy friend and neighbor as naïve and unsophisticatedly middle-class as he was celebrated. He was an odd but decent guy, and I liked him. Once, when I signed a petition to protect him from deportation during an unpleasant, overpublicized drug investigation into his life and career, he rewarded me with a thank-you note and a year’s subscription to TV Guide.

Reed (of whom I am perhaps not the biggest fan) lives in the Dakota…
He was there!

I will never forget helping a shocked and sobbing Yoko and what was left of her husband into the police car in which he died…

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