David Bailey documentary: Four Beats to the Bar, and No Cheating

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MIKE GERBER • In the process of relinking and refurbishing this site, I was reminded of a David Bailey documentary that I watched late last year. I think you might enjoy it — it's called "Four Beats to the Bar, and No Cheating." Well worth your time. http://youtu.be/zDjLXi-BPCA Will I ever get enough of the BBC? Probably not. And I know I won't get enough of Bailey's work. We've covered it before on Dullblog, and if you haven't seen his photos of John and Paul or Brian Epstein, you're in for a treat.  

Yet more banging on about Magical Mystery Tour

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Magical Mystery Tour pie chart, 1967 This blog seemed to go through a phase where every second post was about how awesome Ram was/is. Go back and check the stream; it was amazing. Went on for months. And I support that, not just because Ram is awesome, but because this ol' world of ours is big enough to have one place where Ram-love flows freely, without fear. In that same spirit of being just bleeeaaagggrhhh…without in any way demeaning the White Album!—I present the following. This evening while trying to avoid doing my wife's Bialetti pot, I read this Slate review of [...]

BBC Arena: "Magical Mystery Tour Revisited"

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The Beatles relaxing during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour, 1967. Oh my god, I enjoyed this documentary on "Magical Mystery Tour." I think you will, too. As I watched the clips, I was reminded of both The Running Jumping Standing Still Film and The Bed-Sitting Room, among other things. MMT uses the same homely vernacular you see in everything from Spike Milligan to The Pythons, and twists it in a lot of the same ways. While it's old hat to compare MMT to Buñuel and the underground, it's maybe fairer (and more interesting) to place it astride the meandering line of British humor as [...]

The Brian Epstein Story

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Can't remember if I posted this before, but here's a great 1998 BBC documentary on Brian Epstein. (I originally posted just the first segment, but the subsequent segments were not auto-loading, so I found all nine.) Watch The Brian Epstein Story. You will enjoy it. (And when you're finished, read Devin's great story about seeing the film which I've told to more Beatlefans than I can count.) http://youtu.be/1tHJa6zhDjo http://youtu.be/SPeIPo4tAo8 http://youtu.be/N69lbr6HryU http://youtu.be/5qKLL234af0 http://youtu.be/dJaSfoj8SR4 http://youtu.be/YK1R3iORpEs http://youtu.be/_kGiauUVnBA http://youtu.be/GfRpnvUonA8 http://youtu.be/ESD79NZ3rXk

Living In The Material World: review roundup

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George with his other supergroup Just finished watching it myself. While I'm collecting my thoughts, I thought it might be helpful/fun to provide a list of some notable/thoughtful reviews. Enjoy, and suggest others.Salon—Matt Zoller SeitzUncut MagazineRoger EbertRichard CorlissMatt Blick (Beatles Songwriting Academy)...and since the editing of the film seems to be one of the few areas of contention about it, here's an interview with the editor himself, David Tedeschi.

Review of "Living In The Material World"

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We're all water Pal o' Dullblog Shirley Wicevich was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of Martin Scorsese's new George Harrison documentary, "Living In The Material World." Here are her thoughts. HD: Where'd you see the movie, Shirley? SW: At the Telluride Film Festival over Labor Day Weekend; I've volunteered there for 6 years. First Ken Burns came out, and gave the prelude to what the audience was about to experience. Then he introduced the film's co-producers, George's widow Olivia and David Tedeschi. That night was the first time that Olivia watched the documentary at a public viewing. HD: [...]

Attention Harry Nilsson fans!

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You know you're destined to be a rockstar when you have your school photo printed as a record sleeve. Good news! The Wrap.com reports that the 2006 Nilsson documentary, “Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)?” has finally found a distributor. The article says that the film will be at NYC's Cinema Village on September 10th, and be released on DVD before year's end. Folks, if I wasn't so sick these days, I'd fly out and lead a peaceful takeover of Cinema Village for an evening. I expect you to do Dullblog proud. I was lucky [...]

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