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Paul with tongue out


My 2c: People who hate The Beatles should really be hating all the musicians that came after The Beatles. It’s not James Joyce’s fault that nobody’s topped Ulysses in that form, nor is it The Beatles fault that Revolver still kicks ass when it comes to the three-minute rock song form. I like Amy Mann, but my being bored with The Beatles doesn’t make her music better than theirs. It just makes me bored with The Beatles, and especially receptive to something else.

It’s a drag, but there it is; maybe it was a coalescing of talents that hasn’t happened again, or a lucky juxtaposition of historical things (including recording capabilities), but art isn’t like computing power—it doesn’t increase linearly just because we get bored with, say, Picasso. “Dude, Picasso fucking sucks.” And the only reason that people don’t say that (at least after the age of 16) is that what Picasso does isn’t considered popular art. If something is popular art, then everybody feels that their opinion on it is valid. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t.

So there!