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The float right BEFORE the John and Yoko one.

Folks, sorry about that — the site went down yesterday for the most prosaic of reasons, an expired credit card on Autopay. We’re all good now.

…or are we?

I must admit my first thought was all the attackery, hackery and miscellaneous jackery the site’s been suffering over the last year. But no angry Floyd or VU fans were involved. Thank you for all the concerned messages. My favorite was, “Elliot Mintz hasn’t come after you for talking about Yoko and kink, has he??”

To be honest, the single best PR move the Estate could make is to release a statement that John and Yoko were “an ethically non-monogamous couple, in a consensual D/s relationship. As in so many things, John and Yoko were ahead of their time.” Then they’d sponsor themed floats in the Christopher Street Pride Parade, Folsom Street Fair, International Mr. Leather, etc., etc.

WINK: “This float is really gorgeous. It shows John Lennon and Yoko Ono engaged in a voluptuous three-way in early 1969.”

SALLY: “That’s taken from the famous Bag One lithographs, isn’t it?”

WINK: “Indeed it is. According to this sheet, the float is made from white carnations, gardenias, and freesia. And if you look closely, you can see a single Double Fantasy orchid.”

SALLY: “Oooh, I think I see it. It’s sticking out of his—”

WINK: “That’s right, Sally. The flowers will be auctioned off, one by one, with all proceeds going to The Dolphins That Were Choked By All Those Goddamn White Balloons You Released in 1968 Fund.”

Anyway. Let the gabbing about the sex lives of famous strangers recommence. By the way, it’s amazing to me that no one has written a Full Service for the 1960s and 70s. Surely those kinds of arrangements were plentiful. Maybe I just don’t hang out with the right people; for example, after years of being interested in the surpassing weirdness that was Hugh Hefner, I only recently learned of the secret tunnels between the Playboy Mansion and the houses of Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, James Caan and Kirk Douglas.

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