Ladies and Gentlemen, The Blues Beatles

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Stumbled across this via a comment thread on, and it was too good not to share. By the way, you’ll like the BoingBoing post as well.

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  1. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    Ah…sooky sooky now!
    Me likey!

  2. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Paul & John’s melodies are so attractive to talented musicians who want to explore and rearrange them. I’m convinced if they’d been born in a previous century, before recorded audio and video, their songs would have been picked up and passed down by classical and folk musicians. Blackbird or Yesterday would have been like Greensleeves or Au clair de la lune. And we’d still be humming them today.

  3. Avatar Alejandra wrote:

    That version of “Yesterday” is hot, so lilting. Thanks for share it.

  4. Holy smokes! In retrospect, such an obviously great idea. They killed it! In a good way.

  5. Avatar Pidpoo wrote:

    My God, they SLAYED….smoked and OWNED …especially in yesterday but the other song too…..dare I speak blasphemy and claim they surpassed it. I love primitive blues roots as in Bip bop song tradition And parents from Deep South and those kinds of primitive blues roots acoustic songs were popular there, but nothing surpasses the great electric BB King style sophisticated blues. I live in Tennessee and It was a great joy when visiting there to go to Beale street and hear the great electric blues coming out of those bars. All are great but that young vocalist on yesterday is astounding.

    My husband has a big vinyl collection of electric blues and and some acoustic primitive old blues artists. Because rock rose to prominence In the sixties and evolved so, many younger folks forget that the late sixties was the high point of electric blues and sophisticated jazz. The great electric blues artist inspired a whole late sixties generation of British and American blues guitarists and vocalists, Peter green, Clapton, Hendrix, Zeppelin guitarists, the blues playing of stones guitarists. British musicians were in awe of Hendrix’s mastery of blues guitar and sixties creem imitated and expanded on it.

    I’ve read on musicians blogs that the Beatles, a rock and roll based group, struggled playing the blues but think Lennon’s time shifts on yer blues are exceptional and I have read complex, George’s folksy blues like for you blue is great and Macca did a few great solo electric blues songs, like on the way which BB king covered as the last song recorded before he died and The McCartney brief blues Sing waiting for the train. My favorite Beatle blues song, possibly their only one in the traditional electric blues style is yer blues and favorite solo Beatle blues song is on the way. Yer blues is my favorite John song on the white album, as the dude outdid himself to me on that song in every way.

    Thank you so much, Michael. Really good music can be adapted to most genres.

  6. Avatar Pidpoo wrote:

    In relation to Michael’s great post and video, I quite by accident, have stumbled across several online amateur performances videos of Beatles and solo Beatles songs, a father and daughter one, three different guys doing little woman love, big barn bed and coming up and a singer from the cure doing C Moon. I was delighted to find that decades later, contemporary folks knew and did online covers of these old songs that loved in my youth. The cure dude doing c moon reminded me of how heavy metal groups loved wings and attended their concerts In the seventies as wings really rocked live and Macca seventies vocal styles influenced heavy metal singers.

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