Emergency forum called — good idea or terrible idea?

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“Here come the sons: Will Beatles’ kids form own band?”

“James McCartney has reached out to Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison and Zak Starkey to create the next generation of The Beatles, the BBC reports….”

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  1. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Terrible idea. And James has already backtracked on his Facebook page, saying that all he meant was that it would be fun to play informally with members of the “Beatles family.” He says he didn’t mean getting a band together — let along a Beatles Sons Band. He misspoke.

    I don’t know if he planned this to get attention for his record (like father, like son), or if he’s just fairly clueless about the media (which is entirely possible as I’ve seen videos of some recent interviews and performances he gave and he’s incredibly awkward and shy bordering on uncomfortable in public). Seems like he’d be better suited as a lead guitarist, not a front man — at all.

    How can I say this without sounding petty or mean? Well, here goes: James is entirely lacking in his father’s charisma or personality. And he is clearly not media savvy because otherwise he wouldn’t pick a time to stage his public coming-out party as an artist when he is in desperate need of a haircut and could stand to lose 30 pounds.

    I kind of feel sorry for James when I see him, and that’s not a good way to start a career.

    Feel free to tell me how wrong/nasty/unfair I am.

    — Drew

  2. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:


    Guess the “Apple” doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

  3. Avatar Auj wrote:

    The Beatles are a phenomenon.
    The “sons” are not.
    I notice, once again, Jules has been omitted as a candidate by James.

  4. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Yeah, I’m right with you drew. I’ve always felt kind of sorry for James too. Though not too sorry because he’s had a charmed life and has never had to worry about money. That being said, while his sisters are all quite pretty, especially Mary, in my opinion, it seems as though James inherited the worst physical traits of his mother and father. Sometimes it just happens that way, he didn’t get the breaks in that department. And yes, he looks extremely doughy and pudgy and it sucks to be that bald at age 30. Sorry for sounding harsh here, but that interview really turned me off of him. He compares himself to the Beatles and that he thinks he can be better. Now he might just say things like that to have something to shoot for, but it just didn’t sound right to me. He sounded arrogant and naiive. James, look in the mirror buddy: you clearly don’t have any great musical ability, you’re fat, ugly, and the only reason anyone pays attention to you is bc of your father.

  5. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    FYI, Dhani Harrison tweeted (from his band’s Twitter account) saying: “Never Gonna Happen. Don’t Believe the Hype.”

    I really, really don’t understand what James was thinking when he said this. All it has done is make him look extremely foolish.

    — Drew

  6. Avatar Nancy wrote:

    Terrible. Glad it sounds like it won’t happen.

    The best thing for any Beatles progeny with musical inclinations would be to develop along his (or her) own line. That’s the only hope of achieving enough escape velocity to do something worthwhile.

  7. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    James McCartney would be an outstanding casting choice to play Chris Griffin if Seth McFarland ever chooses to make a live-action “Family Guy” movie.

  8. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    “James McCartney would be an outstanding casting choice to play Chris Griffin if Seth McFarland ever chooses to make a live-action “Family Guy” movie.”

    Outstanding. Perfect.

  9. Avatar Josh Glenn wrote:

    Terrible, is my vote. *cough* WILSON PHILLIPS *cough*

  10. Avatar Alex wrote:

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

    And the fact that he’d even suggest this in public without having any awareness of how doomed this project would be says something about him.

    Hopefully he’s learned his lesson from all the furor…

  11. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I just saw the footage from Coachella, the hologram of Tupac, brought to life by James Cameron’s visual production house Digital Domain.

    My question is How long before we see the fab four in holographic concert?

  12. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    “My question is How long before we see the fab four in holographic concert?”

    I’m not so sure this will happen. I think the recent backlash and overall disgust against Tupac “performing” at Coachella has been heard. While this is nothing new, Natalie King Cole performed a “duet” with her father about 20 years ago, I don’t see it catching on. We already have video game animated Beatles rocking out, is there really a demand to see hologram Beatles perform? Especially considering two of them are alive and well and out touring? Ugh, I hate it. Creepy. I don’t see Yoko, Olivia, Paul, Ringo or any of the Apple heirs EVER agreeing to this.


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