"Dear Boy"

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David Cloyd covers Paul’s “Dear Boy.” What do you think?

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  1. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I adore this song. And if there were any justice in the world, people would realize how fantastic this song is (and, in fact, how fantastic all of Ram is, despite the reputation-killing comments about the album back in 71 from John Lennon and his toadies at Rolling Stone).

    People need to stop throwing ditties like Ebony & Ivory in Paul’s face. Yes, it’s sappy and irritating. But so is much of Double Fantasy (especially that godawful Woman song).

    But Dear Boy is a gorgeous song. As is that other Paul song, Dear Friend.

    /rant over. Drew

  2. This is the kind of cover that expands on the original and makes us return to the original with fresh ears. Makes me interested in playing Ram again and also in ordering David Cloyd’s entire album.

  3. Avatar Nancy wrote:

    Other great covers of this song are by Death Cab for Cutie (on the WFMU tribute to Ram) and Bodies of Water (on the Ram on LA compilation).

    And the Minus Five do a nice version of “Dear Friend.”

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