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The title of John Luther Adams’s concerto Four Thousand Holes, and Alex Ross’s praise of it, make me curious…Some description here:

In spite of this skepticism, Four Thousand Holes is my own effort to re-appropriate and reclaim for myself something of my own musical past. For the first time since my days as a rocker, I’ve chosen to restrict myself to major and minor triads—those most basic elements of Western music (both pop and classical). But I’ve tried to assimilate them fully into my own musical world. Approaching these simple chords as found objects, I’ve superimposed them in multiple streams of tempo, to create darker harmonies and lush fields of sound.

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  1. Avatar Sarang wrote:

    4000 holes in the same area code?!

  2. Avatar Gabriel McCann wrote:

    Not related to this post but couldn’t figure out how to send you a regular email http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg4h590F0oY
    Also Hey Blue Dogs!

  3. Avatar Mollie wrote:

    But will it fill the Albert Hall?

  4. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    The incomparable Mark Vidler has combined the Beatles with Petula Clark in something called “Downtown Octopus”

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