Let us now praise VERY WHITE people…

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1963: The Beatles (and Nell?) relax in the sun in Weston-Super-Mare during a week’s appearance at the local cinema.

MIKE GERBER • This photo’s Beatleness caught my eye, but my love of Python made me post it. An extra scoop of cosmic ice cream to the first person who makes the connection in the Comments…
Friend Shirley Tulloch made the following comment when she posted it on Facebook. “Never seen this pic before. If that is Nell in the background, he was truly blessed no? ;)”

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One Comment

  1. Avatar linda wrote:

    Actually I think that is one of the Pacemakers back there by the wall. The pic is cropped to show only the Beatles but Gerry and the Pacemakers were sunbathing with them. I guess Neil was there too but I don’t see him in any of the pics I have.

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