Michael Gerber
Ya follow?

Another month, another Q magazine “Best Of” list. This time it’s “The Real Best Of” most of the usual suspects (the Stones, the Smiths, Madonna, Springsteen, etc.), with the cover declaring “AND IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK . . .” And OK, this worked, because I wanted to see what Q is presenting as “The Real Best Of” the Beatles.

The Beatles 10-best list was chosen by Rob Fitzpatrick, and I give him credit for declaring them “the most underrated pop group in history. ” I agree that “they’re the only group in the history of pop music that are actually better than everyone says they are.” But the list, eh . . . . either Fitzpatrick has pretty outre taste, or his choice of the top 10 was skewed by Q’s implicit demand that the list not include the songs you’d expect.

Here’s his list , minus the commentary on each song:

1. Rain
2. No Reply
3. Getting Better
4. Savoy Truffle
5. There’s A Place
6. Things We Said Today
7. Lovely Rita
8. Sexy Sadie
9. If I Needed Someone
10. It’s All Too Much

Now obviously you can’t take this kind of list-making too seriously, and everyone’s top 10 lists are going to differ — but these as the top 10 Beatles songs? Really? I can’t resist responding.

If I were picking a Lennon track just off the White Album, “Dear Prudence,” “Happiness Is A Warm Gun,” and “Julia” would all come in ahead of “Sexy Sadie.” As for Harrison tracks,  I can’t see leaving off “Here Comes The Sun.” Strong cases could also be made for “Within You Without You,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” and “Something.”And for McCartney, “Eleanor Rigby,” “For No One,” “Paperback Writer,” and “Hey Jude” spring immediately to mind.

And even this leaves off so many stellar songs it’s crazy. “A Day In The Life,” “Come Together,” “Day Tripper,” “I Feel Fine”. . . .

The song on Fitzpatrick’s list that strikes me as an especially bizarre choice is “It’s All Too Much.” I just don’t see it.

Anyone else want to comment on Q’s list, or offer up a personal Beatles top 10?