The Beatles in St. Louis, 1966

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Meet the Beatles for Real is a favorite blog of many Dullblog readers, but that's not the only link. The blog's proprietor, Sara, is a proud product of the St. Louis metro area, just like yours truly. So when I heard that Sara is writing a book of fan memories of the Fabs' one and only concert in St. Louis, naturally I did two things: put her in touch with my Aunt (hi Mary!) who went to the concert; and I offered to post an Author Query on her behalf: Hello Beatlefans! This is Sara from the Meet the Beatles for Real [...]

McCartney at Candlestick Park

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NANCY CARR • Who can open a sold-out arena show with two songs he worked on that were released nearly 50 years apart? That would be Paul McCartney, who started his August 14 Candlestick Park concert with “Eight Days A Week” (1964) and “Save Us” (2013). McCartney closed down Candlestick in a rain of firework sparks and confetti, after playing 40 songs that often had the crowd singing, clapping, and dancing along. At this point it can be easy to take his shows for granted: you know certain songs will be played, that Roman candles will be set off during “Live and Let [...]

Those McCartney e-tickets may be stolen

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NANCY CARR * Paul McCartney's "Farewell to Candlestick Park" show, on August 14, is generating some crazy reselling action—tickets for the sold-out show are being hawked  for up to 20 times face value. If you're looking for tickets, take a tip from my recent experience and do everything possible to ensure you're not buying stolen tickets that have been cancelled and will be worthless at the gate, as happened to U2 fans some years ago. After I bought tickets from Ticketmaster through the American Express presale last Thursday, my email was hacked: and so soon after I bought them, it looks like someone [...]

The Beatle Brothers at Fitzgerald’s: four hours of passion

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Great mural outside, great music inside NANCY CARR * Last night I saw the Beatle Brothers at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL, giving the crowd the ultimate Christmas gift for Beatles fans—four hours of  covers played with expertise and passion, featuring the best Lennon and McCartney vocals I've heard outside the real thing. Far more than any dress-up-like-the-Beatles-band, Phil Angotti and Jay Goepnner, along with their stellar crew of backing players, put across the emotional intensity of the music. Their spontaneity and obvious love for the music they're performing made last night's show fly past, though they started playing a little after 9:00 [...]

World Party: What The Beatles Might Have Sounded Like Had They Been Just One Guy (Who Grew Up Listening to The Beatles)

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Karl Wallinger c. 1991, Lennoning. DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Last week, my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing World Party perform at City Winery in Manhattan. World Party is Karl Wallinger, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been making music on and off since the late ‘70s, first with The Waterboys and then on his own. For the last few years he’s been performing in America and England, usually accompanied by fiddler-mandolinist Dave Duffy and guitarist John Turnbull. He’s one of my favorite musicians ever, not just Beatles-influenced but Beatles-besotted, and I really don’t know why it’s taken me so [...]

Lennon on playing live

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"Was that a jelly baby?" Why did Lennon play live so rarely after the Beatles' demise? Michael and Craig have made some interesting remarks about this question on the comments for the "Keep 'Em Out / Let 'Em In" post, which inspired me to remind myself of what Lennon himself said about the matter. This is a quote from a June 1975 interview: "In '72 it [government harassment] was really getting to me. Not only was I physically having to appear in court cases, it just seemed like a toothache that wouldn't go away . . . There was a [...]

Christ! The Beatles In Memphis

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The before-show press conference, backstage, Mid-South Coliseum. DEVIN McKINNEY  •  I'm a bit ashamed to say it's taken me this long to listen to something I've had on the shelf for a few years—the audience recordings of the Beatles' afternoon and evening shows at Memphis's Mid-South Coliseum, midway through their final tour. The evening show is the famous one: Near the end of "If I Needed Someone," the third song, a cherry bomb was thrown onstage and exploded. I remember reading that three teenagers, adolescent mischief-makers with no malign intent beyond literally making a noise, were detained by security. I [...]

The Beatles First American Concert

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The moptops in action amid a hail of jelly babies, February 1964. Last night, I was lucky enough to see the closed-circuit film of The Beatles' first American concert, given February 11, 1964, in Washington, DC. The film was broadcast in March, 1964, to movie theaters all across the country--then languished in somebody's basement until the mid-90s, when it was handed over to an archivist. I don't know why it hasn't enjoyed a proper release; my guess is wrangles over rights and royalties. But whatever: WOW. You NEED to see this film. Beatles first American concert… and their best? When [...]

Not a second time

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Macca in Israel, 2008(If I've learned nothing else in my short life, I have at least learned never to mention Israel in polite company. But I'm throwing that lesson out today, because this story is Beatle-related, and how divisive could that be?) McCartney's playing Tel Aviv in September! So says Ethan Bronner in the New York Times, recalling that the Beatles weren't welcome there back in 1965. The official permission required to withdraw precious foreign currency to pay the band was denied because a ministerial committee feared the corrupting influence of four long-haired Englishmen singing about pleasure. As the committee [...]

You gave me the answer

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Polythene Eugene Cho gets half-credit and a $1 gift certificate at the Keychain Connection for figuring out most of the first installment of our Never-Ending Beatles Trivia Quiz Challenge. For the benighted and clueless, though, let's start at the fat bottom and work upwards, pyramid-style, to blue sky and pointy revelation... The question, you'll recall, was: What one factor connects the Beatles to three major American filmmakers of the 1970s—Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, and Alan J. Pakula? The hint, you'll equally recall, was: What you talkin' 'bout, Lightfoot? Anyone who grew up watching TV in the '70s remembers [...]

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