The Beatles in St. Louis, 1966

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Meet the Beatles for Real is a favorite blog of many Dullblog readers, but that’s not the only link. The blog’s proprietor, Sara, is a proud product of the St. Louis metro area, just like yours truly.

So when I heard that Sara is writing a book of fan memories of the Fabs’ one and only concert in St. Louis, naturally I did two things: put her in touch with my Aunt (hi Mary!) who went to the concert; and I offered to post an Author Query on her behalf:

Hello Beatlefans!
This is Sara from the Meet the Beatles for Real blog and I am currently writing a book about the Beatles in St. Louis. I am looking for the memories of anyone who saw the Beatles August 21, 1966 at Busch Stadium. If you were there that rainy Sunday night, I would love to hear from you! I am also looking for anyone who saw George Harrison at the St. Louis arena in November 1974 or Paul McCartney at Busch Stadium in April 1993. I am very excited about this book and I hope to have it available during the summer of 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1966 tour. If you have memories to share, please contact me at Beatlebusch66 [at] gmail [.com].

Go help Sara, Dullbloggers! She’s nice and will do a great job. St. Louis has long been a hotbed of Fab-fervor (probably because Louise Harrison lived so close) and her book is sure to be a wonderful document.

Here’s a recording of the Beatles as they sounded that night in 1966. You can hear my Aunt Mary quite clearly; she’s the one screaming.

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