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Ringo Starr, 1965

Starr, swaddled.

After last night, I should’ve learned my lesson: no posting after your contacts dry out, it’s just gibberish. But this just came over the Mojo Wire: Los Angeles Times man of music Randy Lewis asked our own Ringo Starr about the mysterious 42-second snippet that’s been rocketing around Beatledom. It’s the full track from A Hard Day’s Night, a snippet of which comes out of Ringo’s transistor before being switched off by the upper-class git.

“I hope you don’t mind a crazy ‘Hard Day’s Night’ question,” I said before relating the recent events and asking if he knew the song from that scene from 50 years ago, and perhaps who might have recorded it.

“I’m afraid I have to help keep it a mystery,” he said with a generous smile. “I don’t remember.”

And so the debate rages on; here’s Lewis’ full piece. I’m with Chris Carter, the man who first played the track — I think it’s John, Paul, George and Ringo (or maybe Jimmy Nicol?), pretending to be generic. We’ve heard Ringo on the Train Song, to no avail — maybe Macca can clear things up? Somehow, I doubt it.