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Okay folks, after checking with Chris Carter from KLOS’ wonderful “Breakfast With the Beatles”—a Sunday morning institution in my household, and should be in yours, too–I snipped out this bit of new Beatle-music. Originally recorded during the sessions for “A Hard Day’s Night,” it was found by collector Dave Morrell, and had its worldwide debut on BWTB last Sunday. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web, so I thought I’d post it so non-LA Beatlepeople could hear and enjoy.

Sorry for the slack air at the end, I have to learn GarageBand over again every time I use it.

(This should be obvious, but in case it’s necessary to say, all rights to this material remain with their holders; any rights holders who would prefer I take it down, please get in touch and I’ll remove it immediately. It is provided here for scholarly use only… and to spread the word about Chris’ show, which I think is amazing.)

I gave a little of the backstory in yesterday’s post, but for the full tale–including why it’s probably John, Paul, George and Ringo doing a pitch-perfect spoof of a vanilla British Invasion band–you should listen to the full BWTB show. Dave Morrell is a long-time Beatles fan and collector, and he and Chris talked at length about the song’s provenance (roughly from 1.49.00 to 1.55.33 in the show). If that whets your appetite, you should listen to all of Dave’s stories (including some Close Encounters of the Lennon Kind). Dave’s got a new book out, which can be ordered via Amazon.

Thanks to Chris Carter, commenter @parlance–and Dave Morrell for getting the track in the first place!