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I owe commenter Tony (aka Pismotality) a pint, a kidney or something even more important for bringing this into my life. From the British sketch show “Harry and Paul”:

I particularly enjoyed the banter on the bus–somewhere Alun Owen is smiling. And the bit with Lennon and the Germans…”Harry and Paul” is now more popular than Christ, at least in this household.

Dullblog people, you are the greatest!

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  1. Mike,

    In lieu of a kidney, could you alert the faithful to my sort-of-competition, half-suggested by the Harry and Paul sketches? Details in this blog entry:


    Closing date is January 1st. There may or may not be a prize.

    Thanks, Tony aka Pismotality

  2. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    On the subject of comedy….

    As a lifelong fan of the Marx Brothers, I recently stumbled upon a tribute website to Harpo, put together by Harpo’s son Bill (who is a musician/songwriter). I sent him an email full of questions about Harpo. (For example, I didn’t know that Harpo actually played harp on a Mahalia Jackson recording in 1961!)

    I was curious about Harpo’s opinion about Rock ‘n Roll, specifically Elvis, Eddie Cochran, The Everlys, Buddy Holly. He was gracious enough to send this reply:

    “Thanks so much for checking in. Dad passed away in 1964. A year prior, he told me that the Beatles would be the biggest R&R act in the world. He was incredibly perceptive about and very open to all kinds of music, and because I was with the same record label as Eddie Cochran, we heard a lot of him around the house. I am so glad you have a love for dad and his brothers. It is much appreciated.
    Best of the best, Bill Marx.”

  3. Have just come across another Beatles-related British comedy sketch which can be viewed on my blog here:


    The sketch dates from the late nineties but the actor playing George Martin is the same one who appeared in Harry and Paul around ten years later. The post is a review of a BBC documentary about George Martin which aired in the UK last night. Recommended, if you can find it.

  4. Hey, saw your post about The Beatles in Bournemouth sketch… here’s some coincidence for you…

    I thought I’d drop you a line about my book, Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth which is published on September 22. It establishes the many and varied links between The Beatles and the south coast (of England) town of Bournemouth.

    Here’s the link to the publisher’s website:

    And a bit more info at my website:

    Just thought you might be interested and anything you can do to help raise awareness would be gratefully received.

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