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“Just enough for a macrobiotic Big Mac.”

As we’ve occasionally shared, maintaining Hey Dullblog isn’t cheap. Nancy and I spend at least $1000 per year on this magnificently creaky edifice and well, 2023 is the site’s fifteenth anniversary. More than once I’ve considered declaring Total Victory over all Blue Meanies Everywhere, and running down the curtain. But every time I do, readers chime in privately to say that they would miss it, that they and others find Dullblog to be entertaining and useful. And who among us doesn’t want to be entertaining and useful?

So to help with our ongoing expenses, I’ve put together a Patreon page here. Any of you who wish to pledge, we’d welcome your donation. This site will not be paywalled, or change in any way; Dullblog content has always been free, intended for research, intelligent conversation and warm fellowship between Beatles fans. I’m not planning to put up any special content over at Patreon…but I am nothing if not mercurial.

If a lot of people join our Patreon, I’ll start thinking of some special things we can do as a thank you. If there’s anything you’d like Nancy and I to consider—a certain kind of merch? the ability to submit questions to Beatle authors? publishing the Lennon Diaries? (kidding! KIDDING)—put ’em in the comments.

We appreciate you. Thanks for reading, and double thanks to anyone who forks over the ol’ mazumah.