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When the site came back to life recently, several readers mentioned that they’ve really enjoyed it over the years, and—being the top-notch humans Dullblog readers are—asked for ways they could help support its continuation. This is greatly appreciated. Hosting and such costs about $500 annually, and so over the years, I’ve dropped over five grand, and Nancy has paid in, too. (Devin graciously offered a while back, but I told him “don’t worry about it” because I was feeling flush. I am…not brilliant.)

If only our ISP took Beatlebux.

Actually, that wasn’t total stupidity on my part. Dullblog is fun for me because, unlike everything else I do, it’s not a business. It’s just fooling around. Even so, the site remains vibrant—July 2019 was our third-most popular month ever, and I’m committed to keeping Dullblog up as long as people like it and want to engage on this topic. Now that the back-end stuff is fixed (a database got corrupted and that was beyond my limited abilities, so we had to hire a great guy, a friend of Nancy’s named Josh), Dullblog should be around for a long time, or at least until the Singularity. I’d like to go through and make sure our SEO is all up to date, but with 737 posts, that may have to wait until my next lifetime.

Those of you who wish to show your support, we thank you. And I’m interested; but we’ll have to do it in an indirect way. I want to keep Dullblog informal and not-for-profit; a for-profit site raises the issue of rights—not only to material, but also for all the images we’ve used. And the easiest solutions in this regard, ads or a paywall or some sort of micropayments will reduce readership, which is exactly what we don’t want.

So I’ve been thinkin’. Here are the three options I’ve thought of so far:
1) Selling merch. I’ll make a Dullblog hat or t-shirt or something. Practically, we’d have to get at least 25 orders; 100 would be better.
2) A Patreon. I could set one up and people could give me $1/month to help with hosting costs. I have my hands full with Bystander‘s Patreon, but if this is what people want to do, I am as ever your ob’t s’vt.
3) Mining Pi. This is a way to accumulate cryptocurrency, for free, on your phone. I’ve already got an account, and love watching the little number go up. At present, each unit of Pi is worth zero, but perhaps someday it will be worth something. If you sign up at www.minepi.com, and use my member name (mgerber937), we’ll both get some Pi. It feels like printing lottery tickets and it’s great fun. When we’re both zillionaires, let us agree now to name our yachts The John, Paul, George and Ringo. (The Ringo has a helipad.)

Anybody who’s game for any or all of these ideas, holler at me in the comments. And if I can think of other ways, I’ll add them to this post. But most of all, thanks for recognizing that this site takes effort and expertise, and valuing what the posters do. We appreciate you right back.