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I love this version of “My Brave Face,” by SR-71, and think it’s better than McCartney’s original (which appeared on “Flowers in the Dirt.”) SR-71’s version is on “Listen to What the Man Said,” a great 2001 compilation of McCartney covers.

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  1. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I think Sloan’s version of “Waterfalls” is better than the McCartney version:

    Just my opinion, but it sounds a lot like George Harrison.

  2. Avatar kendallseo wrote:

    You are shared good version of “My Brave Face,” by SR-71!
    Hollywood Ram

  3. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    Overall, it was a great CD.

    I enjoyed Matthew Sweet’s version of “Every Night”:

  4. Avatar Peter Deville wrote:

    Can’t agree that tops Macca’s version, I’m afraid. I love the original. It was like a step back to move forward for McCartney – and of course the long overdue return of the Hofner bass. In fact, I’d say it was the last great McCartney single and probably quite underrated.

  5. Woah, Nancy, I love this cover. I’m in your camp on this one.

  6. Avatar Mollie wrote:

    Ooh, don’t like this cover at all. But I love the song. I generally really enjoy Flowers in the Dirt – although I only own it on cassette, so I should probably do something about that.

    J.R. Clark, I agree – the Sloan “Waterfalls” is better. I’d never heard that song before I got Wingspan a couple years back, and I was stunned to learn that the TLC hit, which was unavoidable during my high-school years and which I always hated, was McCartney-inspired! (I’m also sort of stunned that the Wikipedia entry for the TLC song makes it sound like the McCartney connection is just some theory of Paul’s, instead of an obvious fact.)

    Speaking of “Listen to What the Man Said,” there’s a nice instrumental cover by The Trouble with Sweeney called “L.T.W.T.M.S.” I can’t find a direct link, sorry!

  7. Avatar Mollie wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    “Sir Paul McCartney believes that this song is based on his song “Waterfalls” released back in 1980.”

    That’s amusing. If Chuck Berry could sue John for Lennon’s appropriation of “Here come ol’ flat-top, he come groovin’ up slowly,” Paul certainly could have demanded composer credit for the first two lines of the chorus.

    Billy Joel ought to have to tithe ten percent of his royalties to Paul for making a career out of ripping off McCartney’s songwriting and performing style.

  9. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    For those interested, the “Listen to What the Man Said” tribute CD has a sibling, “Coming Up: Indie Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney” On that compilation I really like “With a Little Luck” by the Masticators (terrible band name, though).

    Mollie, good to see you back here! Hope you’ll post something yourself soon — I always enjoyed reading your posts.

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