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Rabid Rabbit #8 (available here) features 30 different artists, each visually interpreting one song from The Beatles in a two-page format. Interesting constraint: the lyrics are not quoted anywhere. Some artists attempt literal illustrations of things described in the song; others have more impressionistic takes.

Speaking of comics, which Dullblogger is going to write about Baby’s in Black?

(Thanks to the talented Forsyth Harmon.)

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  1. (Gulp) I’ll get that right to you, boss.

  2. Me likey Forsyth’s stuff.

    And Seymour Chwast! Seymour Chwast!

  3. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I don’t have the strength to review Baby’s In Black. All I can say is it would make a lovely animated film, maybe a short National Board Of Canada film, if such a board existed in the states.

    Veering crazily off topic here, but speaking of covers, when is a cover not a cover? I’m thinking of Peter Paul & Mary’s “I Dig Rock ‘n Roll Music” which was always on the radio in the late ’60s/early ’70s. I heard it constantly. I think the DJs loved the novelty of it. You dullbloggers seem to be younger than me, so I’m not even certain if you’ve heard it:

    After the imitation Mamas & Papas, trippy, whispery (and hilarious) Donovan imitation, they launch into a brief Beatles tribute that captures the Magical Mystery Tour/Yellow Submarine phase.

    There have been many Beatle-influenced bands, copykats, covers, etc., but I’ve never heard one focus so specifically on the early ’67 Pepper vocal/backwards guitar/granny megaphone sound before, and with an original song.

    If you’ve heard this song a million times, forgive me. I heard it recently on the car radio. I had completely forgotten about it (after hearing it several times a week forty years ago and growing thoroughly sick of it) and for some reason it now sounds completely fresh and charming to me. Must be my senescent brain gradually unspooling. I can feel it unspool as I type this.

    – Hologram Sam

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