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John with Paul ascendent in the House of George, thanks

It had to happen . . . . a book-length Beatles-based personality quiz, with explications of each type. Fortunately, the authors, Adam and Roger Jacquette, write with enough wit and panache to make it fun and illuminating.

Beatles fans won’t be too surprised at the traits linked to each member (for example, Pauls can be overbearing, and are soppy when they’re in love, duh), but there’s more depth to each characterization than I expected in a book of this type. If you take the quiz, you’ll end up with both a “major” type (the band member you resemble most closely, in terms of personality), and a “minor” type (the one you resemble second most closely). The explanations of what people with different major/minor pairings are like at work, socially, and in romantic situations are quite interesting.

Worth checking out if you enjoy a little psychologizing with your Beatles (and hey, if you didn’t, would you be reading this blog?)