The Casey Black album

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You’d think “Eleanor Rigby” would not be an ideal song to cover…but I dig my former student Casey Black’s rendition:

More than once, one of Casey’s originals has popped up on the ipod and I’ve thought: some Springsteen song I forgot? Check out this one: “The Sarge.” (At the very least, he finds something to rhyme with “hippocampus.”)

POSTSCRIPT: Just noticed via FB that there’s a stop-motion video for “The Sarge,” the aforementioned Casey Black original—check it out (“hippocampus” occurs around the 1 minute mark):

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One Comment

  1. Nice version. Quite distinct from the Beatles’ version.

    Plus, that is one freakishly long pinkie that dude has. But long digits are very useful if you’re a guitarist, I guess.

    A freakishly normal-sized pinkie being my own downfall as a guitarist. That and a lack of talent.

    But mostly the pinkie thing.

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