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Thanks for posting about covers, Nancy, and commenters, keep the links coming! I wasn’t sure how to embed a video in a comment, so I’m putting up a fresh post. Back in high school, I became a fan of The Feelies, because they were opening for R.E.M. on the part of the tour that was passing through my town. Their debut, Crazy Rhythms, has this frenzied take on “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)”:

* And when I saw them, they covered “She Said, She Said”–I’m not sure if they ever recorded it (maybe as a B-side?). I can’t find a version from back then (late ’80s), but here they are on their recent (2011) reunion tour. Time passes…but this still sounds tight to me. It’s *fast*: And…just for fun, here are the Feelies ca. 2010, doing “EGSTH (EFM&MM)”–also fast! * I also always liked En Vogue’s “Yesterday”: * That’s all for now…please share more!