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In the course of researching my post on the Beatles and the aristocracy, I came across the SatEvePost cover from 1964 which is the featured image. The Beatles as City gents is one of the few really iconic Beatles magazine covers — given how many photos were taken of the Fabs, you’d think the shelves would be groaning with truly memorable shots, but that’s not the case. If Rolling Stone had only started five years later, right?

These are my personal nominations; put yours in the comments, and I’ll move our most popular Beatle magazine covers up to the post.

Beatles in bowlers, SatEvePost 1964

Saturday Evening Post, August 15, 1964. Beatles as City gents; two British stereotypes for the price of one!


Life, August 28, 1964. A more straightforward shot, made memorable by its omnipresence.

Lennon by Avedon for LOOK, 1968

Look, January 9, 1968. We’ll call this a Beatles cover.

Ed Sullivan on Esquire, August 1965

Esquire, August 1965. You’d think the Beatles and George Lois would be a magic combo, but no…

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  1. Avatar linda a. wrote:

    My 19 year old son has a t shirt with the Saturday Evening Post cover on it. That one is really memorable but you’re right there aren’t too many that are memorable. I would add to the list the Life Magazine cover of them in the pool during the February 1964 tour. Also another I believe, Life or Look cover from 1964 with Paul dressed like an astronaut. That one seems to be pretty rare. Here are some links.

  2. Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:

    Ed Sullivan looks like a monk who had a fight with a lawnmover. Where did they make those wigs anyway?

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