McCartney’s mullet

Paul McCartney's Mullet

Sir Business-in-Front-Party-in-Back

My latest internet rabbit hole, down which I can spend entirely too much time, is this  Tumblr site, which bills itself “Paul McCartney’s Mullet Appreciation Blog.”

The site’s owners, Christina and Hannah, are entirely too modest in their description:
“This is not a quality blog. All I will do is post photos of Sir Paul. And his mullet. And occasionally his legs.” [I’ve reached out to them via Tumblr; maybe C and H will tell us more about their mission of mercy.–MG]

They post lots of great stuff, like this picture of John and Paul:


Bangor University, North Wales.

This one of the Beatles family:


And this one of Paul clowning around:

Plenty more at!

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  1. Avatar Dan wrote:

    The ‘Rishikesh’ photo was taken at Bangor University, North Wales.

  2. Avatar linda a. wrote:

    That hair style obviously hasn’t aged well and may be a joke now, but I remember at the time it was absolutely cutting edge, cool to have. Paul was one of the first to have it if I remember correctly, but after that EVERYONE had a shag or layered hairstyle, as it was called then. I don’t remember the term ‘mullet’ being used until recently.

  3. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    Late to the show!
    The mullet. Business in the front……PARTY IN THE BACK!!!

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