Deconstructing The Beatles: The End

Michael Gerber
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Paul and George Abbey Road sessions

Yukking it up in Studio Two.

Thanks to a timely Tweet from The Fest for Beatles Fans — LA Fest is coming and I will be there! — I stumbled on this wonderful video, which lays out Abbey Road’s climactic track in all its glorious pieces. Too juicy not to pass along.

I have to say, as a non-musician, this is both very encouraging (I can hear how they made the finished song) and also demonstrates a way of thinking that I’ve never done myself, which makes music even more mysterious than before.

And here’s the track in toto — because I know you want it! (Rare Czech pressing in mono.)

There are some other knockout Deconstructing the Beatles videos on YouTube (I’m listening to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” as I type this — bass is great, guitars are GREAT). Post any favorites in the comments, and I’ll move ’em up here to the main post.

[January 2016: Apple has taken down all this content. Anybody who has a new YouTube link to any of the Deconstructing videos, feel free to let us know. This is, in my opinion, obviously scholarly use.]

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  1. Avatar parlance wrote:

    Will you be presenting a panel at the Fest?

  2. Avatar nol wrote:

    Is that Paul’s voice sped up for the high harmonies of the repeated “Love You” section?

    • Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

      nol, I don’t know — will check Lewisohn’s “Recording Sessions” tonight.
      Anyone else know?

      • Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

        nol, I can’t find any information about who is singing “Love You” on the long medley. Lewisohn’s “Recording Sessions” doesn’t say anything about it, and neither do the other sources I checked.
        To me it sounds like it might be more than one person singing. And you’re right, it does sound sped up.
        If anyone knows or can find out, please weigh in!

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