Beetles RAM McCartney

Get a room

DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Speaking of which, did anyone else listen to this?

Here’s the tracklist:
Earlimart :: Too Many People
Frankel :: 3 Legs
The Parson Redheads :: Ram On
Bodies of Water :: Dear Boy
Radar Bros. :: Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Naptunes :: Smile Away
Los Baby Fools :: Heart Of The Country
Le Switch :: Monkberry Moon Delight
The Broken West :: Eat At Home
Amnion :: Long Haired Lady
The Parson Redheads :: Ram On (reprise)
Travel by Sea :: The Back Seat Of My Car

It’s the expected farrago of good, bad and oh, come now, but the fact that RAM inspires a remake from a slew of hip LA bands unborn when it was first released must say something about its staying power.