Happy Birthday Paul McCartney, Friend of the Jews

Michael Gerber
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In honor of Macca’s 77th, The Forward posted this little squib detailing Paul McCartney’s various Jewish spouses, friends, business associates, et cetera. (This from Heeb aside, there is no evidence that McCartney has converted—though of course all his children would be considered Jewish under Hebraic law, because Linda was Jewish.)

With all the Jews in and around the music biz, I actually think it’s more remarkable that fully 50% of the group married alumnae of Sarah Lawrence. 🙂 Nevertheless—as far as The Beatles is concerned—the answer to the eternal question “Is it good for the Jews?” has got to be yes.

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  1. Avatar Rob Geurtsen wrote:

    Maybe I lack a sense of humor. Therefore my question: seriously or is this satire?

    • Which part, @Rob?

      The article struck me as a bit tongue-in-cheek, though factual of course.

      My joshing question at the end, “Yes, but is it good for the Jews?” is a common phrase among Jewish people of a certain age and outlook. It’s often used not entirely seriously like, “The Red Sox finally won the World Series.” “Yes, but is it good for the Jews?”

  2. Avatar Rob Geurtsen wrote:

    Your joshing question… I guess a non-jew could not ask that indeed… I am puzzled…

    • In this idiomatic formulation, it’s never a serious question, @Rob. It’s an affectionate one-liner frequently heard in the comedy business. And it’s usually asked when there’s no obvious answer, or when asking it underlines a kind of reflexive tribalism which used to be much more common among American Jews than it is today. But it’s always a gentle joke, always affectionate — as it is in this case.

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