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The Beatles are my ultimate “fave rave,” as they might say on Ready Steady Go; their stuff has always, and probably will always, sound just right to me. (There are pictures of me circa 1970, a 1-year-old freaking out with pleasure over “Back in the USSR,” which proves two things:
a) It’s not just nostalgia, I have always genuinely LOVED Beatle music; and
b) not all of the White Album makes me want to send Therapists Without Borders back to 1968.)

There’s only one other person that reliably gives me the same flood of endorphins: Stevie Wonder. And only his stuff from about 1972 to 1975. In honor of this, I’m embedding him doing Superstition on Sesame Street.

Is there any group or person that really pushes your button as much as The Beatles?