Intermission — Dylan Hicks

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ED PARK • Dullblogger Devin and I share a friend in the novelist and singer/songwriter Dylan Hicks. (His 2012 book BOARDED WINDOWS also spawned an excellent album, DYLAN HICKS SINGS BOLLING GREENE—listen here.) I was poking around to find some more DH tunes, and found this charming number, “What I Want,” which begins, “I just want to be the Monkee to your Beatle.” The video is wantonly out of synch, but this is a toe-tapper with smile-making lyrics I thought HD readers might enjoy.

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  1. “Don’t let me stand out here to freeze.” Great stuff. Thanks for introducing this guy.

  2. Avatar Ed Park wrote:

    WAUA, glad you like it! The song is stuck in my head…Another good one (less Beatlesque, but excellent, w/a great video) is “City Lights”:

  3. The remaining Beatles to reunite? You decide…

  4. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I was poking around trying to find more tunes by him, and found The Buggs (the original Liverpool sound) a group who released an album designed to fool parents into buying it for their kids instead of Meet The Beatles.

    – hologram sam