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I was just prowling around on the internet — as one does on a Saturday night — and discovered a Lennon demo from December 1968 called “A Case of the Blues.” It’s a neat little scrap of a song. See what you think. Maybe all of you know it already? What are your favorite demos, outtakes, and alternate versions of Beatles songs not on the Anthology?

(Way to make John Lennon’s handwriting boring-looking, anonymous designer.)

I remember about two years ago I got obsessed with the McCartney tune “Suicide” as performed in 1969, and was shocked that 1) I was still able to get ear-wormed like that, and 2) there were still obscure tracks, post-Anthology, that were listenable.

Do you have any favorites? Put ’em in the comments.

(The other versions of Suicide on YouTube had this weird drop-out.)
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  1. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    “Because I Know You Love Me So” was a major earworm for me. It’s on the Let It Be… Naked bonus disc. I literally could NOT get the song out of my head for weeks. I wish there was a better version of it.

    I like a few of the outtakes and demos on the latest Abbey Road remix:

  2. Avatar jim wrote:

    I have always wondered why this song (A Love For You) was never released by Sir Paul–Talk about en ear worm!

  3. Avatar Nicola wrote:

    I don’t really know how obscure this demo of ‘I’m In Love’ from 1963 is, I guess it might be available as part of some ‘official’ compilation or other, but when I first heard this one it really stopped me in my tracks.

    It’s his voice (of course), and the way he swoops up into his higher register every now and again, but the chord progression on the piano is so moving, just really simple and weirdly plaintive, despite the tempo. He was always so, so good at that stuff.

    I know the Fourmost recorded (and charted with?) it – but the Beatles never recorded it as a band, is that right? I think it had the kind of potential that That Means a Lot had, if they’d have just had the time/space at that point in their career to labour over them a bit.

  4. Avatar coco wrote:

    This one is pretty silly- but it’s sweet (and pretty catchy too). Paul’s homage to his dog Eddie, and various pets of the other Beatles. From 69.

    Paul also has a copious amount of interesting unreleased material- some fantastic and some just plain weird. Found this great “mixtape” of material from 77-79 awhile back (made by the fabulous breathless345) and it’s worth a listen.

  5. Avatar Alejandra wrote:

    I guess these are not such obscure tracks, but I take this opportunity to highlight some demos of songs that he gave away and sound really excellent in his voice. Many listeners prefer them to those that were released:
    On the Wings of a Nightingale
    Let’s Love
    If you listen the released versions, you can tell how the artists record them almost as Paul envisioned the songs

    Y el pilón: 1882

  6. Chris Dingman Chris Dingman wrote:

    Thanks for these, Michael. I particularly liked George on solo acoustic at the end of the second link you included. He’s good like that.

    Also, it made me yearn to hear what the Beatles could have done with “Isn’t it a Pity.”

  7. Avatar Pidpoo wrote:

    Please move this to appropriate place, as don’t want to SPAM the thread….I don’t want to spoil the party, appropriate Beatles song reference……

    I was wondering if there is any interest in a Beatle memorabilia or collector thread? This is probably boomer and gen xer interest as younger generations don’t collect anything much, move a lot and everything is digital. However, I see a few folks online still collecting or who did but sold their collections. As I am a younger boomer, it was huge for me. I got to buy fan collections from old Beatles fans and got to collect on solo Beatles from the beginning. It is endless on Beatles and solo, but in my twenty to thirty years of collecting,

    I amassed a massive amount of what interested me and would have bought more but for lack of funds. I have a very big collection of Beatles and solo books, magazines, records, promo record store posters, memorabilia and thousands and thousands of real fan photos. Except for when I was in college, I dragged it from place to place where I lived. As with all things it time, the value of it shot way up, like when after John died, and way down, after everything went digital. There were a few waves of later memorabilia and reproduction memorabilia put into the market. Right after Beatles breakup this stuff cheap, put in back of rock mags…then fan clubs I joined listed stuff.

    I noticed this discussion on another forum I read. Some folks had very little but stumbled upon promo records if nothing else or an odd Beatles item at a thrift store or a garage sale. I don’t know if there’s enough interest in anything like this on this blog. Most fans have a memory of some Beatles or solo memorabilia. Regretfully, two or three of the bottom my books got wet in the sunroom where I had them and in my cabin, I found where mice got into and destroyed three of my solo Beatles tour shirts, sadly.

    A few of you mentioned going to Beatles fests. I first went in Chicago in 82 and it was a rare treat before the internet to see Beatles videos. John had just died so there were some extraordinary but very expensive things. I later went to a Beatle fest in Atlanta in the early nineties. Right after John died, a fellow collector displayed some of our stuff in our city. A Vanderbilt student was astounded at my albums and albums of real fan photos and I didn’t take nearly all of them. A few years later, he became a collector and amassed a huge collection. I see online where some collections are passed down as parents or aunts passed away.

    I enjoyed collecting because remember the sixties books, mags, records, toys, bubble gum card collection. When I began collecting on Beatles in 69, though, I was shocked at the sheder amount of stuff made around the world, representing the fortune the green Brian lost, I guess.

    Michael, it’s your blog, but I thought it would be fun and interesting. If nothing else, a little older but younger than me folks could note a Beatle or solo Beatle cd they found at a yard sale. Very rarely I buy something from eBay as am retired now,, but just before I retired made off like bandit as someone took in quite a lot of Beatles and solo stuff and I bought it for a song. Found there is a difference in Beatles or solo related collectors and other types of fans, but usually a song, record, cd, or occasionally an item like their copy of anthology got them interested in The Beatles or a solo Beatle and from there they got interested in the Beatles.

    Like Beatles, their collector memorabilia has been…..going in and out of style but it’s guaranteed to raise a smile.

  8. Avatar Pidpoo wrote:

    As to Macca songs cited in recordings above, I stumbled on A Love For You song outtakes from Ram sessions online and immediately love it. As for the song 1882, there’s now available posted online an excellent live version of wings over Europe concert tours available from the reissued wildlife/rrsw and wings over Europe boxset. As is usual with wings, the live version surpasses the demo one. I really wish he had done a better wings of the nightingale recording before giving it away as he did a great Yvonne version before giving it to 10cc.

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