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I was just prowling around on the internet — as one does on a Saturday night — and discovered a Lennon demo from December 1968 called “A Case of the Blues.” It’s a neat little scrap of a song. See what you think. Maybe all of you know it already? What are your favorite demos, outtakes, and alternate versions of Beatles songs not on the Anthology?

(Way to make John Lennon’s handwriting boring-looking, anonymous designer.)

I remember about two years ago I got obsessed with the McCartney tune “Suicide” as performed in 1969, and was shocked that 1) I was still able to get ear-wormed like that, and 2) there were still obscure tracks, post-Anthology, that were listenable.

Do you have any favorites? Put ’em in the comments.

(The other versions of Suicide on YouTube had this weird drop-out.)