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This Beatles image is from the wall opposite Bleecker Bob’s record store at the corner of 3rd and MacDougal in Greenwich Village. I took it this past spring, just after buying a copy of the “Black Album” (comprised of Let it Be session bootlegs). Now Bleecker Bob’s is, lamentably, about to close, another casualty of lagging interest in physical media and rising rents. Depending on the day and hour, I see this mural as either a reminder of good days now past or a testament to music’s enduring presence. I do love the expression on the Beatles’ faces (except for George, who looks a bit like he’s undergoing a seismic shift of some sort). John and Paul are looking particularly characteristic.

Hey Dullblog readers, what other examples of noncommercial, public Beatles images have you encountered? Or what depictions of rock musicians more generally? And when you see them, do they seem more like memorials or like testaments to a still-potent power?