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It’s awesome how UK magazines always give CDs and stuff away.

Guest post from KAREN HOOPER • I usually read Sir Paul’s interviews with a yawn because it’s the same old answers to the same old questions. However, every now and again he says something that grabs my attention—like the other day, when I read his recent interview with Uncut (which can be viewed as a PDF here). Here’s Paul on Here Today, his elegy to John Lennon:

“There’s one bit that I kinda disagree with when I sing it. ‘Well knowing you, you’d probably laugh and say that we were worlds’ apart…’ He wouldn’t have said ‘we were worlds’ apart.’ But anyway, it works in the song.”

The ‘John and Paul were worlds apart’ meme has been kicking around in some form or another for over 30 years, and here’s Paul saying it was just a line. Maybe this means that, in Paul’s view, John did see him as a comrade-in-arms—or maybe it means that ‘worlds’ apart’ was less cumbersome than ‘pizza and fairy tales.’ I hope it’s the former rather than the latter.