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Michael Gerber

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Michael Gerber
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Doing impressions of Michael Caine, Swinging London institution and drinking buddy of John Lennon, has become a bit of a cottage industry in Great Britain. The slow-burning meme was kicked off (apparently) by comedy great and drinking buddy of Ringo Starr Peter Sellers in 1974…And I agree: for reasons I don’t quite understand, I can’t get enough Michael Caine impressions. Hear for yourself, but be warned — they’re addictive.

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  1. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    And in “Children of Men” Michael Caine’s performance is somewhat Lennon-like. From an interview with the director:
    “We did make-up tests and costume tests. We were in his place and he mentioned from the get go, he says ‘I want to play this like John Lennon’ because he was friends with Lennon. And then he started to tell me how Lennon used to talk like very nasal. And if you see the way he performed the whole thing, he speaks in a very nasal kind of way.”

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