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The gentlemen under discussion, some years prior

Reader Laura pointed me to an interesting Beatles podcast called “Another Kind of Mind,” and after listening to a bit, I think you guys would love it. AKOM describes itself as “Artists, musicians, & professionals who dissect and challenge Beatles narratives with irreverent, though-provoking analysis.” I think we can all get behind that.

The episode I tasted was Part 1 of their ongoing series on the breakup. Since that’s a topic we discuss endlessly here, I think that might be a good way in…and I think you’ll discern some overlaps over their discussion and ours. Enjoy! Let me know what you think of the series in the comments. (PS — I tried to link to individual episodes, and embed it, but was stymied at every turn. The link above goes to the show’s page; I’ll post it again here:

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  1. Avatar Kristy wrote:

    This is a great podcast and I recommend it. I have to say that it’s refreshing to hear the voices of women who’ve done their research and can back up their claims discussing Beatles history. I’m really happy to see it plugged here!

  2. Avatar Marlo wrote:

    Oh Wow! What a great recommendation,
    I listened to the introduction episode to get the vibes. There’s a very Pro Mac thing going on which is fine with me. I hope it doesn’t skew into John bashing though. That seems to be a thing nowadays.
    I’m listening to the How Do You Sleep episodes first as that issue has always been fascinating/repulsive to me.. Especially George’s role in the take down.
    Some other interesting podcasts are The Beatles Naked, this used to be a general 60’s culture show but transformed into an exclusively Beatles podcast. Music focused , but very interesting. I’m always up for a break down of the White Album to a single record. ☹️☹️ Bound to be controversial!!
    Also Fab 4 Free for All.
    Both of these podcasts assume you have major background knowledge, but are more nuanced than the average. I’ve listened to so many.
    Sorry I can’t provide links, that’s beyond my limited computer knowledge, but are available on I-tunes.
    Cheers everyone. Love this blog. Xo

  3. You are absolutely right. There is WAY too much John bashing going on. Granted,Johnny was not perfect,but something tells me Paul wasn’t either.

    • …and more to the point, making Paul perfect robs him of his humanness. It makes him into a kind of songwriting, empathizing handsomeness machine, rather than a guy in a pretty impossible situation had to make decisions constantly, and (from what we can tell from the outside) seems to have pretty consistently chosen wisely.

  4. Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

    Hello and happy new year, everyone! I’ve been away for awhile because my family and I recently moved (only about a mile from our previous house), and wow did I forget how exhausting that process is! So glad to come back to HD and read everyone’s comments.
    Just wanted to say that on the “bashing” front, I really wish it were more possible for the culture at large to find a way to correct past perceptions (in this case, the 1970s era narrative that the breakup was All Paul’s Fault) without whipsawing to the other extreme and bashing Lennon. I haven’t listened to this podcast, but in general I’m weary of this kind of seesaw effect.
    And at this point I’m honestly not sure I can take another deep dive into the breakup, however well done the diving.

    • There’s other stuff too. Welcome back Nancy! I look forward to seeing the new digs!

      • Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

        I’ve been reading the other stuff too — glad to read all the new thoughts from you and commenters. And yes, please do come visit! Ringo Carr is especially pleased that there is now some upholstered furniture in the kitchen. Evidently a banquette near the table is the dream of every beagle-mix dog.

  5. Avatar Marlo wrote:

    The lack of balance in the interpretation of the Lennon/ McCartney relationship gets me too.
    Balance is everything in any couple. Which I think that they had. But, even this podcast is being somewhat adversarial. Some one must be the better person.
    Is it because male friendships essentially can’t be seen as between equals in our culture? Competitive rather than empathetic?
    These guys were so in tune with other,
    I’m listening to Back to The Egg at the moment, which I love coz my parents bought it for my 8th birthday, and because it stimulated John to record Double Fantasy. Which wasn’t excellent but was his entree to a new musical career. Xo

  6. Avatar Coco77 wrote:

    I’ve been listening to and enjoying this podcast since it started, and I’m a big fan. It’s so refreshing to find more women talking about the Beatles!! I don’t think they “bash” John, in fact they’re often very empathic to his POV, but they do call out his bad behavior at times (and the many Beatles authors who continue to make excuses for it), and they don’t treat him as the sole hero of the Beatles story, which is maybe jarring for people. I’ve listened to every episode and I don’t think they ever just bash him or dump on him for no reason. They’re also fairly irreverent in a fun way, which I love (Phoebe especially makes me laugh out loud) so if that’s not your sensibility you might not like it. And IMO they’re not out to saint Paul, they call him out on his bad behavior too!

  7. Avatar Kristy wrote:

    I agree. I think the podcast hosts’ sympathy and liking for John comes through. And Paul is never made out to be perfect, and has his issues. He’s just not ridiculed as much as you might hear on a more, er. traditional Beatles podcast (and I’ve quit MANY a podcast in annoyance at the hurhur!Paul jokes).

    • Avatar coco77 wrote:

      Yup I think they certainly advocate for Paul at times, when the traditional narrative mostly only takes John’s point of view into consideration. They also see them as artistic equals and co leaders, not as like, senior and junior partners. They’re really all about turning well worn tropes inside out based on real evidence and questioning what we’ve been told for so many years. Obviously anyone is free to disagree with them, but I think they’re worth a listen even just to get yourself questioning certain “givens” in the Beatles story.

  8. Avatar Tony Collins wrote:

    I’m absolutely in love with this podcast. It speaks to me in away that only HD has spoken to me before. It truly tries to understand what “love” can mean between two straight male friends and finally brings John’s vulnerability front and centre, after decades of John being superhuman and angry.

    To hear this kind of analysis is so refreshing. I’m in the middle of the 1000-part series on the breakup and it’s brilliant, as was the deep dive into How do you sleep?

    They are not fans of Lewisohn, and it’s also good to hear people bursting that bubble. I love Tune In but they’ve made me really think about how lopsided Lewisohn is when it comes to Lennon & McCartney.

    As others have said, and as HD & The Historian and the Beatles shows, having women’s voices gives such a different perspective to this story, as it does to most stories.

    I’d actually love for them to have a multi-episode talk to Lewisohn and try to shift his perspective over to their way of thinking, cos his depth of research married to their depth of analysis could produce something far better about the Beatles than anyone has ever managed.

    • I replied to this comment, and it became meaty enough that I wanted to make it into a post.

    • Avatar Laura wrote:

      That’s a great idea about the AKOM podcast getting Lewisohn, although I imagine he’s very much in demand.

      While AKOM takes issue with the anti-Paul sentiments that got rolling in the early 70s and hardened when John was killed, I don’t think they bash John. Rather they try to see things from both points of view.

      I might be the Laura who recommended this podcast – if not I’m doing it now :0)

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